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I have had 3 C Sections and a Hysterectomy I'm...

I have had 3 C Sections and a Hysterectomy I'm over weight. After having my 3 rd child the incesion broke open and the DR made me heal close instead of stiching me back up. So Things were not as they should have been. I have been waiting a long time to get this done. I'm afraid, however i'm also very excited at the same time. I'm now 43 years old and cant wait to have a much flatter tummy.

I find my self resless must be because the surgery is getting so close. I have had it paid for 4 months now. Tick Tock the clock is ticking and winding down to the final days.

I must be getting nervous i have been sick all...

I must be getting nervous i have been sick all day, i can't sleep at night it's all i have been thinking about. I have so much to do in so little time. I'm worried that i should have lost weight before having the full tummy tuck and lipo but i like my body the way it is just don't like all the extra hang and fat stomach. I wonderd if i should have post poned and lost weight but I choosed not to. I hope i'm not making a mistake. My surgery is now only 6 days away. I'm so very excited, but i have to admit very scared. Surgery is so dangerous.

Take some deep cleansing breaths. It sounds like you definitely had some middle of the night worries. I understand. You will almost for sure be very happy you had this done. Five more days to go and you will be okay! Just get done what you can and the rest will wait for you. :0) Maybe getting the surgery will give you the inspiration to lose more weight if that is what you want. Keep us posted!

mine is scheduled soon also and I feel nervous I just keeping thinking about how good I will look after. My surgery is going to be 7 hours long so I am nervous about that.
DR Lambie

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