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Well, I have wanted to have a breast reduction for...

Well, I have wanted to have a breast reduction for the last 5-6 years but my constant back and shoulder pain has really pushed me to get help within the last year and a half. It has been a difficult and emotional road to get here. When i started my journey , I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who I was referred to by my family practice dr and he was horrible and made me feel like crap. He declined to help unless i lost 25 pounds but i tried to explain to him how hard it has been to try to excersise when your boobs are in a 42 J bra. So , needless to say I decided to keep on searching for a dr who had just a little more compassion and understanding. I finally found her and she was Great , so I got really excited and started the process only to be denied by my insurance company (Cigna). According to them , my boobs were not big enough. Well tell that to my back and shoulder pain that keeps me up every night. Or the grooves in my shoulder that can be easily seen through my shirt or the numbness in my arms . I felt devasted and defeated once again. They wanted me to try physical therapy and stronger medication regime. Luckily during this time my husband got a new job and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance to the rescue. Finally, an approval and a date that is almost 2.5 weeks out. FMLA paperwork completed and now im nervous. I know this is the best thing for me but im so concerned with The recovery process. Any Suggestions would be so appreciated.

My insurance covered my procedure because of my chronic pain, I was so pleased since I would never have been able to afford it on my own. My out of pocket costs were minimal for the tremendous relief I have had with my neck pain. I hope all goes well for you, you and glad you for a good doctor. It will change your life and you will be able to lose that extra weight. It has been so much easier for I can move without the hugh breasts. Take care.

Welcome to the community girile:)

This process can almost be stupid at times!  Good lord if these people had to carry the load around for a day they would be running to the OR for a reduction.  

You are going to do just fine and love the results.  My recovery was not all that bad.  You will have bruising and some deep ache and pull but you will do well.  Keep on top of the pain meds, follow doctors orders and take it super easy the first couple of weeks.

I am so excited for you!

Be kind to yourself during recovery and don't try to be Superwoman. It's Ok to take this time for yourself to go slow.
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