Will Laser Liposuction Be a Good Fit for Me? - Nova Scotia, NS

In 2008 I made it my resolution to lose weight and...

In 2008 I made it my resolution to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I did a lot of research and I made sure that I didn't lose my fat too quickly for my body to adapt to it's shrinking size.

Through the course of three years I got down to 130 which is quite healthy of a weight considering I'm 5''9. Since then in the last year I've gone up to 145 in muscle. One problem.. no matter what I do I can't get rid of my loose skin on my stomach. It's not even that bad but it's enough to make me self conscious with my significant other.

Currently, I'm going to the gym 4 days (at least) a week. Focusing on all body parts, but mainly my abs.

Would Laser Liposuction give me the firm, defined abdominal skin I'm looking for? I assume it's a good fit because my case is so minor.. I seriously just want to be able to sit down/cuddle without the infamous hanging skin..

(Where I live it's 250 per appointment)


I have the same problem , but unfortianately I did it very quick and I didnt workout , I lost almost 33 kg in one year , it was not enough to my bodyto adapt to it's shrinking size. compare with me I can say that you dont have a problem :):) If my body looks like yours I will be happy for ever:):)for 6 months now I go to the gym 5 times a week , but still my stomck looks bad, and as you I really want to know if the laser treatment might help...
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dude- you look hot. i'd say your body is good based on the second pic you have. i think the problem right now is in your head. you're so used to thinking your a bit overweight, since you used to be, that you still think you are. embrace your body! save your money and use it to go on a nice vacation :)
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I totally agree with a.n.
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