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I started Lipodissolve (or FIG as they now call...

I started Lipodissolve (or FIG as they now call it) back in November. This was at the Scottsdale, AZ location. I am and was overweight. They knew that. I wanted to lose most of the fat in my belly area. They told me all about the money back guarantee and the fact that you had to be patient for it to work. The first treatment was on a Saturday and I'm glad it was! The pain was unbearable! Thank God I had some vicadin at home! They were pushing their liquid diet on everyone too- Medifast. I admit, I bought into it and got some. I didn't care for the fact that I had to drink all my meals so of course I didn't stay with that for long. In a nutshell, I've had six treatments so far. I had to finance it and it was a whopping $2500.00. They gave me this credit card called care credit but I'm not using it for anything but that. I haven't lost any weight but gained 7 lbs. The last time I went in for a treatment, they doubled up on the dose but then the "doctor" told me that I was just wasting my money doing this if I wasn't going to lose weight. I have knots in my belly now and I haven't gone back in two months. I just went to my M.D. and she thought I had cysts there but I told her about my dumb mistake doing FIG. I totally agree that we need to do a class action suit or something. I'll be paying on this until November. They take it directly out of my checking account every month! Please let me know what we all can do about shutting this place down.
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BBB complaints...Fig seems to have an unsatisfactory record with the BBB. 52 complaints in just about every category imaginable. See this website BEFORE you decide to do Fig. BBB doesn't lie. Fig does.
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I am also going to the center in Scottsdale and you are so completely right about this. I have paid them for 72 treatments and it seems that now I am only going just because I don't want to waste the money that I already gave them. I have read numerous feedbacks that if you want a refund, they will give you a difficult time to get your money back. I want my money back so probably we should all have a plan to get this "suckers" what they deserve! Let me know how your doing.
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Hi, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope the USA joins Brazil and STOPS this company from giving injections to others one day SOON! Your experience sounds horrific. And you are not alone. I hope the BBB cracks down on them. I would take them to small claims court so you get their name filed in court with a complaint esp. if you are unhappy, it was harmful, and if you wont get your money back. Id also file a complaint with the Better business bureau. I do not want this to happen to more people. In the mean time, Id close your checking account esp. that # so that they cannot withdrawl automatically your money, just a thought. Best wishes and hang in there. A message board you may like for more ideas is w.3fatchicks I read about this in Oprah mag.
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