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Absolutely do NOT do this. I had 3 sessions - two...

Absolutely do NOT do this. I had 3 sessions - two on my outer thigh area. I am very athletic - have run a marathon and many half marathons and have always considered myself very fit - but could NEVER get ride of my dimpled look on my thighs. Instead of doing Liposuction - I opted for this. I did 2 treatments on my thighs - 8 weeks apart. The lumps slowly dissolved - and actually a majority of my cellulite. There was bruising look that would come and go - and so when I went in for my final checkup appointment - I expressed my concern. Dr  and his assistant - said oh - well this is a possible side affect. This was NEVER told to me at my initial consult EVER. It is now a year and 5 months from my last treatment - and the bruising comes and goes - no rhyme or reason to why and I am going to attempt legal recourse!!


I've had the same experience with the bruising along with hard knots. They have been giving me laser tx's to try and get rid of it but I don't think it will ever get rid of all of it. It's been 1 year and 2months since my 3rd injection in my outer thighs. I stopped because of the bruising and knots not going away. My thighs actually look lumpier now than before and I can actually see the outline of where it swelled in the skin texture. I just posted a review of my own Permanent damage. I was told these could be temporary side effects. Have you contacted an attorney? I'm thinking of going that route myself.
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I did the whole treatment, 2 areas, neither worked. I have hard knots that can be felt under the skin and both areas are larger than before the treatments. Do you know if this can be fixed? Should I go to a doctor? It's been over a year since my last treatment. How do we know the "knots" are only knots and not something else going on under oou skin and in our bodies. Any ideas?
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