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I started with my stomach, that seem to have gone...

I started with my stomach, that seem to have gone well. So, I had my outer thighs done (hip fat). I had a double treatment done. I was told I would see results in 6-8 weeks. It has now been over 6 months. The numbness is now almost gone. (This means it was injected into the muscle or meso layer, not the fat). I have had bloodwork done resently and my sodium is sky high. (There is soy in the injections. Before treatment, I weighed 128 pounds, 5'5". After treatment I weighed 145+ weight, and now and down to 136. I have jogged and ran over 3-4 miles everyday, since the treatment and look and feel bloated. I am larger; however, that won't keep me out of my swimsuit. The discoloration that will me hidden. The injections left me with dark blue welts on my thighs below the short mark. I tell people that I fell. But the truth is... Will it ever go away? Hips are now larger too. I have been small almost my whole life. This is a big change. I would not reccomend this area being done. It has been horrible.
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I want to have mesotherapy, people say it will make bigger is that so please I need to know Im go I have appt with Dr. tommorrow 8/15/09 Please get asap
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