I had 12 treatments - Not Worth It - Overland Park, KS

I had 12 treatments. It did not do a thing for...

I had 12 treatments. It did not do a thing for me, but cost a lot of money. I was supposed to get a refund but fig went bankrupt before they got to it, I guess. I was told the refund would be submitted to the corporate office and I would for sure get my money back. Did not happen. The nurses even agreed I had no results at all. I never saw the so called doctor either. I thought that was a little strange. All this did for me was throw my trans fats out of whack and cause me kidney problems. Wish I'd never seen their commercials.


Lipodissolve is only suppose to be provided in maximum four treatments per area. Clearly this company fig was not doing Lipodissolve, if you had 12 treatments!
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