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Not Worth It - Ft Myers, FL

I had Juvederm injected around both my upper and...

I had Juvederm injected around both my upper and lower lips to fill in those terrible lines. After three to four weeks the bottom lip looks all right but the upper lip looks like it did before the injections. What gives, this is suppose to be a six month fix, right? Love to hear from others regarding this problem. Thanks CHRYS

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Please let me know where you went to have it done.. I am looking to get mine done soon and I do not want to go to the same place since I am in the area.. Sorry you had a bad experience. I heard that results can depend on how experienced the plastic surgeon is. Thanks!
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hade Juvederm today. Results are supposed to be "immediate" but i am not quite sure what that means. is that a good thing? Thus far, it has been 6 hours and the results are bumps and ridges protruding from my face. So i do not wish to go outside looking like this. It looks like someone punched me with the swelling, but I took Arnica Montana every 6 hours starting from yesterday and used ice packs, so i have NO bruising whatsoever, so that is a good thing. But I hope the swelling goes down soon. Especially since I am flying out of town tomorrow. I want to look professional, not look like I was bopped upside my head.
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