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Not sure about the pros, but the con is that it...

Not sure about the pros, but the con is that it didn't do anything it claimed and I believe did more harm than good. Did not improve my acne scars, did not create collagen.

I had it done on my neck also and all it did was create a very obvious line of demarcation where the sun tanned it permanently, and I was using 45 spf on it. So now I have a sharp line separating my face from my neck. It did not make my neck look younger. And it left little tiny bumps on my face. It left me with a very rough look all over.

Let me give a little advice - the best thing you could do for your face is facial exercise. I also am a big fan of Avon anew products, I swear they do what they promise. I know Avon may not have the reputation of being state of the art or whatever, but I noticed an immediate difference after I starting using it again. I left them for a while to try other more expensive stuff but I'm back, never to stray again.

After destoying my face with Fraxel, Thermage and a horrible procedure with Co2 and yag lasers, what brought back a normal look is vigorous facial exercise, some mild Alpha hydroxy acids and Anew. At first it seemed to make it look worse as my face reorganized itself but I kept with it and now I look pretty decent. There's not as much collapse and sagging as there was. Even the weird vertical lines that the Thermage made are filling in with exercise, exfoliating and Avon Anew. The CO2 and Yag lasers left a permanent indentation under my left eye that is slowly improving with "my plan".

I'm hopeful about the future again because I can really see a difference. Even the scars look better with the exercise. Save your money and take control of your face.

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Procedure did more harm than good.

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I've also heard Sea Salt is amazing..
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I started using apple cider vinegar as a toner and the first thing I noticed was the color of my skin was really coming back to normal. My skin seemed to have a healthier glow to it almost immediately. The little bumps are hardly noticeable now. I'm going to keep using it.
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Cealie Did you try the vinegar water soaks for the little bumps it could be hyperkeratosis or Hyper granulation and can occur as part of the skin's defense against inflammation, infection, the radiation of sunlight or irritating chemicals? Hyper granulation tissue will delay the onset of epithelialisation and cause permanent change in texture(holes) after a period of time..... I am not a doctor...But I think the soaks followed with TNS Recovery Serum to help the cells reconnect followed with moist environment will help you dramatically and prevent it from being permanent.... This is my personal Theory based on research without medical experience so ask your doctor...Or take him the studies I posted about damage to the surrounding tissue after fraxel....He may even be able to prescribe a cream ect with growth factors they are available for chronic ulcers..TNS Recovering is $150 ounce but well worth it for this kind of issue.. Time is of the essence!!!!! Good luck
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My doctor gave me a price of $2500. For repair after my restore. He is a webinar speaker for fraxel.... I declined any further treatment with lasers... Unless doctors put pressure on the manufactures to offer and assure the people using it are properly trained after they sell these lasers... More women will have their lives destroyed and the investment you have made will continue to drop in price and popularity...... Be warned They do not take the same oath you do....Caveat Emptor,,, from what I see on Maude if there is a problem they check the laser and say oops must have been the doctor... I would encourage any doctor who has an issue with their laser to have it checked by an independent specialist not related or dependant on the manufacture... Not to repair it necessarily,, but to document the facts settings issues ect. Why does manufacture need to know if you are only documenting...Most professionals have an fiduciary obligation legal or understood to who is paying them...Find someone who can be unbiased and pay them yourself... It can't hurt to have the records and opinion......
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Are you are talking about the Fraxel re:pair (CO2). The cost of $2100 seems very low and more consistant with the re:store.
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