My legs look absolutely terrible - Not Worth It - Erie, PA

I chose to do Sclerotherapy for the treatment of a...

I chose to do Sclerotherapy for the treatment of a spider vein that I was not happy with the apperance of. I went to the appointment and was told that I would pay the same for one vein as I would to have them all done. So I chose to have them do others that really did not concern me.

This treatment was repeated twice because the first treatment made very little change. I was told not to tan or be exposed to the sun for 8 weeks which I made sure i did.

It has been 5 months since the first treatment and i started tanning for vacation and what I have noticed is that my legs tan blotchy all over. It is very disturbing to me as my legs looked fine prior to treatment only the spider vein that I was bothered by. I was never told that after waiting to tan the required amount of time the 8 weeks after each treatment that I would not tan the same as I used to. Now I am out $120.00 and my legs look absolutely terrible.

I would not recommend the treatment to anyone what so ever at all!

Thank you for your comment! I thought I was the only one who had this problem. I have the same problem except the areas that were treated look like huge bruises after I go in the tanning bed. I was only told to stay out of the tanning bed for 10 days not 8 weeks. I am very unhappy with my results and I spent about 1000 dollars for 2 treatments.
Circulatory Center

Left out alot of information and I don't think it was done correctly.

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