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I just had smartlipo from knees and thighs 7 days...

I just had smartlipo from knees and thighs 7 days ago . I was ok when i was using the compression garment but now that i took it off, i am not feeling so good. My legs are a bit thicker than they were before surgery.. And since i took off he garment, my knees swell a little and got red.. When i stand still for a few minutes i feel the bruising.. Does this sound normal? By the way after lazer doctor sucked the fat out.. Aprox 400 mlt. After all, i hope to get better.. the good part was when i saw fat coming out or my legs.. At least some proof there...

I had SmartLipo with vaser and suction on my thighs (inner, outer, front, back) on July 1st and was advised by my doctor to wear the compression garment for a minimum of two weeks after which I could wear it for 10/hrs day for another two weeks. I have not taken any pain meds at all and suffer discomfort from swelling and bruising which is finally getting a little better. If I hadn't seen the containers myself I never would have believed the doctor removed 8,000 cc's from my thighs, ugh. She said apx. 1/3 of that amount was tumescent fluid, the remainder fat and a little blood. I haven't seen any weight loss yet and haven't tried to put jeans on, so will comment on that at a later date. Felt good enough about the whole process that I had my arms done July 9th. Swelling and some bruising, but not nearly as uncomfortable as the thigh job. Really hope the whole process was worth the discomfort and financial investment. Sure hope things improve for you.
Thanks you for the comment. I hope it ends up being worth the discomfort! I know other RealSelf readers would love to hear more about your story. Please consider writing a review. You can update your review as you (hopefully) start to see results. Click here to write about your experience with Smart Lipo. In fact, if anyone has an experience with a cosmetic treatment or procedure, we also want to hear from you! Go here to share your story.
hi Bettsue, don't worry it will get better. 7 days is really WAY to early to comment on the outcome. I am 10 weeks post op and still getting better. Take before/after photos and measurements to keep yourself sane :)
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