Not So Sure About Fotofacial

I had a fotofacial done by a medical doctor on...

I had a fotofacial done by a medical doctor on Thursday. Today is Saturday and my face looks horrible right now. I have a medium complexion. Most reviews about IPL's tell you there is no down time and most can return to work. That is not true in all cases. I have reddish/brown spots and scabs all over my face and my chin is burned. Hopefully all this will slough off as I have been reading in 5-10 days and will not cause hyperpigmentation or darker spots. I have a micordermabrasion scheduled in 2 weeks. I have been treating my face with lots of expensive sunscreen moisturizers and putting zinc oxide, Vitamin E and avocado oil on my chin. Hope this information has helped.


I had a photofacial 7 days ago and it took every minute of those days to heal. treatment in chicago was $500. i do have white track marks where i was burned on my forehead, the skin is completely healed but is white! the dr office did a 90 second special light on it today. im sure in a year it wont be noticeable! but would never do another one!
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I had a photo facial done a week ago and looked horrible. My skin in looking better now but I have ugly square patterns and darker pigmnation on the sides of my face. Well this fade? Wishing I never did it now.
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however, after thinking, if you are BURNED and scabby you may do better to NOT exfoliate til you are healed.
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I think my provider knows what she's doing and has a lot of experience, but every skin type/reaction is different. It should be discussed and explained to each patient.

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