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I had liposuction on my abdomen when i was in my...

i had liposuction on my abdomen when i was in my forties i am an aerobic instructor and very active so i'm thin but decided i wanted to get rid of my love handles the surgeon talked me into having my abdomen done as well which i really didn't feel was a problem because of my age and the elasticity of the skin my abdomen is now lumpy and i never expose it i did the massaging post op and the endermology which didn't help my abdomen is totally flat but i'm very self conscious about the way the skin looks i do a lot of cardio and abdominal toning which has not done anything to get rid of the lumps or tighten the skin by the way i still have the love handles that were my main concern

it has been years and now that they have come up with smart lipo i am wondering if this would be a solution for the lumpiness and if it would tighten the skin if there is anyone who had lipo at an older age with less elasticity of the skin and has found a solution to the lumpiness please let me know

Four years later, I am still trying to fix my abdomen following SmartLipo. I have spent enormous sums of money and had countless treatments of all kinds. I am afraid that I am doomed.
I had liposuction done 3/5/2010. My doctor claim he had did my abdominal wall, he lied and only did my upper abdomen. Cost was $3400.00.I just phoned him this morning to reschedule a new consult about how unhappy I am wit result. I have a bulge ow that pokes out at bottom of my stomach that I cant hide in my clothing.. I let my body heal long enough to see final results nad my paper work say abdominal wall, not upper abdominal wall.
I had liposuction 7 weeks ago and I am still having horrible pain s in my back and stomach. The "roping" knots on my belly look like long lean sweet potatoes & the endermology hurt so bad that they have not been able to do it. Why do we do these things to ourselves? I am 59 years old, 5' tall and weighed 139lbs. If I had put the same amount of time and effort into exercising and diet control I would have been a lot better off. My advise to anyone is to get your life in order and don't spend $6,000 on something that hurts like 14 hells and causes you not to be able to bend and move without pain. Now I have sharp shooting pains that run up my back that feels like I've been taizered or electric shocks. Along with the lipo I had breast reduction, I have gone from a 36 DDD/FFF to a 34C. I feel strange, flat chested and mangled. This is like I have been maimed & mutalated. It is not any fun. Don't do it.
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