Not Great

IPL did not work for me at all. The nurse told me...

IPL did not work for me at all. The nurse told me it would wonders on my pores and that was a joke. I had three treatments and I really couldn't see any difference at all. The fourth month came around and my face was back to the way it was before I had them done. I made a huge mistake and will never do IPL again.

I had 3 IPL treatments for sun spots and broken capillaries on my face. After the last treatment I should say that IPL did nothing for me, it just didn't work. The pain was tolerable and my derm is a very famous doctor, but it didn't work for me, only emptied my wallet.
IPL is only REALLY useful for sun damage and that is it! it served only to empty my bank account as well. don't do it people.
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Do your research first before making a decision on any laser service. IPL may be good for some things, but not for what I went for.

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