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Hello I have a long story, my third front...


I have a long story, my third front upper tooth has inside a gray color inside the tooth the color "gray" was little not that much the dentist shaved my this tooth down and put the veneer really it looks like a horse tooth :/

the color, shape and size of veneer doesn't look like my teeth at all :/ and when i smile everyone can see this tooth is fake all my friends notice that and my gum above this tooth turn to violet color don't know why? and i feel a thing in this veneer very little pain but annoying :/

and the dentist he didn't told me he will put a veneer!! seriously he didn't say that to me! and he didn't say anything like about another options or ask me to put the veneer or for my opinion about this! he didn't say anything at all!
when he finish this (shaved the tooth and put the veneer) he comes with a paper to let me signature after his job!!

and you know what? i visit him because i feel a pain in another tooth but he didn't do anything with it! he just go with that upper tooth and shaved and put the veneer!!

this story happen before 1 year and 9 months but can't stop thinking about this every time i look to my teeth in the mirror and regretted :(

my smile was beautiful and everyone say that and now looks bad :(
i miss my old natural tooth :(

i feel like crying :(

Can i raise an issue?

What to do to correct this mistake?

Contact the office, most dentists will want to "make it right". However, you state this was almost 2 years ago, so there may be limits to how much that office is willing to help. Certainly you would be in a better position if you spoke up immediately. Veneers generally take 2 visits, so you likely have composite bonding, which means very little was shaved off. This also means it likely can be removed and the tooth may appear as it was before. You likely need to find a new office.

What an unfortunate situation. :( Have you contacted his office to let them know how you feel? It might be worth seeing what they say. However, if you feel he was doing work without consulting with you about it first, you might be better off to cut your losses and find a dentist that will communicate better with you.

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you can see why if you read my story

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