Zeltiq on Love Handles and Lower Abdomen - with Reservations...

I am not overweight but approaching 49 and after 2...

I am not overweight but approaching 49 and after 2 kids I had my bulges exercise did not help.

The nurse told me I was the perfect candidate. I had love handles and both sides of my lower abdomen done. It works so well, however, that I now have a trench in my lower abdomen at 6 weeks out. I am probably going to have to have additional treatments to smooth this out.


I’m happy it worked for you. I'm really interested in this procedure. How many inches would you say you've lost?
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After a few weeks, the "trench" is smoothing out. This proceedure WORKS!
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Dr. Scott Gerrish

This is the only doctor I will go to for any cosmetic procedure such as this. BUT this is such a new procedure I am a little concerned what the end result will be on my tummy. But the waistline looks great!

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