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Hurt Like Heck! - Northern California

It's been one month and I am still feeling a...

It's been one month and I am still feeling a little bit of soreness in my jawline. The procedure is a ten-level pain! No kidding. I wouldn't do it again unless the medical community comes up with some sort of topical anesthetic. I took an Adavan and a Vicodin. But, nothing can stop that sharp needle-like zapping from hurting! It was long and torturous. I had purple bruises on my cheeks and greenish around my jawline for almost ten days. Make-up barely covered it. I would recommend you take a week off from work, especially if you don't want people talking behind your back. hahaha!

Okay, so I may be imagining (willing it to happen) it, but see a slight tightening above my browline. The jury is still out. Though, I was told to come back three months after procedure date for follow-up and photos. I am hoping the results will be noticeable by then.

If I've scared you, I apologize. But, when I read these medical websites (advertising!) promoting Ultherapy with Q & A's, and reading that there may be slight pain and some soreness, yet no downtime......it's just NOT TRUE. I would advise icing immediately to eliviate swelling and bruising, as I was not told to and waited a day to start.

Good luck!

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I agree that Ulthera/Ultherapy is incredibly painful, especially if you have the full blast/strength of the machine. I would like to see the doctors that are promoting this, or the Ulthera reps, getting the treatment done at the new 2013 protocal levels. I bet they would run screaming from the room. Also, I have had two treatments and seen NO results.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story. Sorry it was such an uncomfortable experience for you. :( Hopefully you will notice some nice changes over the next several months and it will have all been worth it...but, eek, bruising for that long would be inconvenient to say the least.

Keep us posted!!

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