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18 months to fix a slight cross bite - Invisalign - California, CA

Went in a met with Super Elite Invisalign Dentist...

Went in a met with Super Elite Invisalign Dentist and said 18 months to fix a slight cross bite of lower canines and widen both upper and lower arch. Super happy. Talking to my regular dentist next Friday, during regular check up and cleaning, then off to get trays started. Disappointed that I will be in the trays for that long, but better off knowing that now and not finding out after I got started. My jaws are very narrow and have crowding. Dentist seems very sincere.
I have been looking into Invisalign for a few months and finally decided to go in a get a consultation. I am over 30 and really do not want ex-panders, or tracks, or metal of any kind.


I have an appointment to look into regular braces Tuesday. Maybe I will make another with a Damon Bracket Orthodontist as well. Took a few pictures of my teeth, all turned really blurry, posted the one that was not. You can see the cross bite and how narrow my mouth is. Braces may be best, not sure if i can go that route.
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Thanks for posting a picture! yes, I can see the crossbite. I'm glad you are researching out all your options. I'll be interested to hear what the orthodontist has to say about the crossbite and Invisalign - looking forward to hearing. :)

Orthodontist wants to do braces. He said that with a narrow mouth, wire does a better job. He does both braces and invisalign. Full braces with insurance discount and both kids of retainers for after the braces.... $4750. He did not want to quote me on invisalign, said that i would end up wearing them for longer than braces.

18 months in aligners with opportunity for even...

18 months in aligners with opportunity for even more aligners after to "refine" the results. I spoke to two Invisalign Dentist and My regular dentist and My Current Orthodontist. I ended up going with braces. cost are pretty much the same. Invisalign, actually cheaper, few hundred dollars after you add in retainers. I will be paying $4750 for full braces, that includes everything...EVERYTHING. Was quoted $3250 for Invisalign and $500 for retainers for the set of 4. Second was quoted $3800 plus $200 for retainers (set of 4).

Came down to what 3 of the 4 professionals said, end result will be better. Invisalign is what I want to do, think that it is a great product, results are great, but 18 months of aligners, for me, is a long time. And refinements can add months or even a full year more of wearing aligners. So keeping my mouth closed for another 18-24 months with metal, the wearing hawleys retainers, will not be so bad. Good luck to everyone.


It sounds like you really weighed all the options and made the best choice for yourself. I'm glad you came on here to share your decision making process, and wish you the absolute best with your braces. I would love it if you would start a review for your braces so we can keep up with you and hear how things are going. :)

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I have spoken to two Invisalign dentist now. Both will do them and said no problem. I straight asked "can invisalign fix my narrow mouth and make my teeth straight?" YES is the answer. Did not ask the price from the second, because she is selling them online for $3800 retainers are extra. She also mentioned than my bottom teeth will be filed to make space to rotate. As my dentist (he is only a dentist) recommends brackets (braces) not invisalign, as does the orthodontist I saw. I will be pleased with the end result of braces they both said. I am going to do BRACES. Invisalign will fix my teeth, but braces will give me a GREAT end result. After debating for 3.5 months, back and forth and tons of Google searches, 4 different dental opinions... Braces. 18 months, or more!!!!, in Invisalign or up to 24 months in ugly braces. Dr. Williams will be my orthodontist, he is very personable. Start Monday with spacers.
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Went to Invisalign.com and typed in my area code. He is rated in the top 2% of all providers of Invisalign and has done over 1500 patients. Felt like he will do a good job, with plenty of experience.

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