Do Not Get DOT Laser - Northbrook, IL

I was so excited to get this procedure done. I had...

I was so excited to get this procedure done. I had erbium two years ago and LOVED and my new doctor in Chicago area said it would work better with less recovery time. I actually look older, horribly pasty and none of my fine lines are gone. Waste of money and depressing. I would strongly suggest erbium - soooo much better.


I am very curious about your comments. I have done a lot of research on erbium vs CO2. One of the things I have heard repeatedly about CO2 is the comment that you made regarding looking "pasty". That is something I have also observed on people who have gotten the deep chemical peel, they seem to lose all color to their skin. And, I have noticed it on CO2 recipients, but that has been the full ablative CO2, so I was curious about this DOT procedure. I'm glad you posted this, I will research further...
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Dot was very painful, I had bad acne for a long time (but, I did hear you can get that with laser as well). But, the reason I did not like it is because I saw no difference beyond looking very white. I'm on the young side, 30's, but with the erbium all the fine lines under my eyes disappeared and it still looks great after two years. The erbium does stay red much longer, 6 months,but with makeup after a month no one knew I had it done. Many many peie so live the erbium but, I think each person varies with results. Erbium ablate a the top layer/s where dot puts small dots. Let me know what you go with and your results!

How many times did you do the erbium laser?

Dot Laser on Chest - better results??? Anyone had it done on chest deeply - only one session?

Will one deep laser procedure on chest make a difference to creping and loose skin or simply reduce freckles, etc. It did not do anything on my face for winkles or tighten my skin just make it ghostly white. I am wondering if my chest might get better results I am also wondering if it will be really painful if I got it deep. On my face it was unbearable for at least 4-5 days.

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