No Drain Tummy Tuck and Lipo in 2 Weeks....feeling Excited and Scared - Northbrook, IL

Hi Everyone. I'm having a No Drain ExtendedTummy...

Hi Everyone. I'm having a No Drain ExtendedTummy Tuck and Lipo of my inner thighs in two weeks. I'd love to hear any words of wisdom and thoughts. I'm excited and scared. I'm 5'2 and 150lbs. I'm most nervouse about going under anesthesia, having anxiety after, and the first 72hrs. post-op. I'm curious of others experiences close to my size?

Hi Everyone, I'm po day 4 and have been having a...

Hi Everyone, I'm po day 4 and have been having a hard time sleeping.... Neck pain/ head aches, every position is uncomfortable and wacky weird dreams maybe from the anesthesia.

I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and possibly pain meds, was throwing up the whole first night and have had intermittent nausea since....

But I think the surgery itself went great.

Any and all suggestions/ recommendations would be helpful,

Btw, it was a no drain extended tummy tuck with thigh lipo,

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Thank you so much for your comments! very helpful. happy healing!
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I had an extended tummy tuck 4 weeks ago and my PS did not use drains. I was extremely afraid of being put to sleep. I woke up very angry at everyone. I wasn't sick or anything though when I woke up!! Which is good imagine how angry I'd be if I was sick. I was very happy that I didn't have the drains. It was one less thing I has to worry about. I have had swelling but nothing like a friend of mine had when she got a tummy tuck with drains. I am still swollen a little but like very surgery it takes your body at least 6 weeks to notice a dramatic change in the swelling. Good luck to you and your recovery it is defiantly worth it!!
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1st of all, why a no drain TT? You will have fluid build up and it is uncomfortable . Most likely need for your PS to drain it with a needle. Why not let it drain naturally so it doesn't put stress on your suture line? Sure it's bothersome having drains, but its better to get rid of that nasty drainage Than to take a chance of it causing infection and complications. Please have this conversation with your PS to Get better info on the procedure you are having. I wish you Much luck and prayers. God Bless
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I had a drainless tummy tuck 4 weeks ago and have loved my results. I have very little swelling. If the PS does the stitching correctly and is experienced with drainless it will work out perfectly.
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Thank you for responding to me.....when I have my consultation appt next Mon, I will definitely ask questions about not having drains put in....I only want the very botton of my last TT suture line revised with lipo....again thank you. Hearing how well you are doing is very encouraging for me to inquire about no drains. angelface
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Hi JH I am post op I day and I too was afraid going under anesthesia. Before they give u anesthesia they inject you with some cocktails to relax you and after that you wake up from your doctor calling you. It happens so fast, no worries. The most important thing is make sure you keep your pain under control and eat to give you strength. Also, lots of water. I had a pain pump and it worked great. I still have the pain pump on at home and have taken some percocet as well. I am home now and it's a little hard walking, just make sure you have support at home to help you. Youll do fine. These men and women are very experienced at what they do.
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So glad your surgery was a success. Do not depend on the pain pump, get your tail up and walk around every couple hours. The pump will only keep you on your back and to heal you need to move around. I know you are uncomfortable but you need to move your bowels so as to not have gas pains and the way to do it is drink a lot of water and eat fruit and veggies for fiber. Activity will help you drain and get your body to heal, just don't over do it and no lifting. Yes, rest and take good care of yourself. God bless
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Forgot to tell you. Pain medicine such as Percocet is constipating. So get on Tylenol ASAP. Luck to you
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Thank you so much for your anesthesia comments and tips. Congrats on the surgery bring done and getting through day 1!!! Please keep me posted. Sending you healing thoughts!
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