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March 8th Pre-Op March 20th Surgery I'm...

March 8th Pre-Op March 20th Surgery I'm choosing silicone implants, but was on the fence about saline for a long time. Vaser is a last minute addition. I had two babies via c-section and the area above the incision will not flatten out. My main concern is increased stretch marks once the procedure is done. I'm a working mom and cannot take the down time from a tummy tuck. Anyone out there with some advice about silicone versus saline and/or stretch marks experienced post lipo? Thanks!

i didnt get more strtch marks from lipo but i do hear BA will give it to ya. i plan to get bio oil for my breast! good luck this week!

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Here's what some doctors have to say about saline versus silicone implants.

You might want to check out the Vaser community to get more information on that community!

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The Pre-Op went well. There sure is a LOT of...

The Pre-Op went well. There sure is a LOT of paperwork. It really puts into perspective how many things can go wrong during a surgery. The nurse and PS were great answering all my questions and explaining what will happen during the procedure.

I didn't mention in my previous post that I have deflated salines, so technically, this is the 3rd time I've gone into surgery regarding my implants. The first was 15yrs ago, the second 13yrs ago due to a left side deflation. The right side deflated 2yrs ago during my second pregnancy. I had the PS deflate my 'good' side so I could see what my breast were like after age and two babies.

At first I was just going to have the saline bags removed, but I do miss having full breasts. There have been many advances in the last 15yrs and I have more options now. I have done my due diligence going to multiple consults w/other doctors. The one I chose definitely has the best reputation for her work. I know I've driven her nuts w/at least 5 appointments, but she has always remained patient and at times painfully honest with her assessment. She's a professional. I'd rather have the truth then someone telling me what I want to hear.

I know that pre-op paperwork can be disconcerting. Just keep in mind that complications are relatively rare. Since this is a revision, I think you're already aware of the most common things that can go awry. I'm sure you'll do great. Keep on keeping us posted!

Hi! I just updated my post. I was lucky and didn't get any stretch marks w/my first 2 BA surgeries, but I was in my 20s at the time and got 270cc's. This time I'm getting something in the 300cc range. You are young so I wouldn't worry too much about stretch marks.

I have some post pregnancy even though I'm back to my pre-baby weight. I had 10lb babies, so I was doomed to get some stretch marks even though I applied cream religiously.

Thanks for the bio oil tip. Did your PS suggest it? I'll ask mine how long I have to wait before I can apply anything. I wonder if this oil will work on my c-section incision?

Here are pics from my Pre-Op. As I go up in cc's...

Here are pics from my Pre-Op. As I go up in cc's I seem to look thinner? I'm normally a small B cup, but the black tank is one of those slimming tops. I went from 275cc to 325cc. I'm aiming for something in the middle, but I'm basically leaving it up to the PS to decide since my abdomen will flatten out a little w/the vaser. I want to look proportional.
Post-op revisions within 3 years after surgery is over 20% which is quite high compared it other surgeries per FDA website. And this number doubles after going under the knife again to get another revision. It's scary but people have to think if it's worth it. Is it? I'm thinking long and hard and hopeful I'm in the 80% that does well!
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