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Thank you for writing this blog which has helped...

Thank you for writing this blog which has helped me so much.
I had my treatment yesterday on my nose... cream applied and I was told to return to the hospital three hours later. The light was on for 7 minutes and during the treatment there was a burning sensation which was excruciating at times. The Nurse offered to spray cool water on my nose to relieve the pain but I resisted until the end. My nose was covered with a plaster and I was told to leave this on for 48 hours. By the end of 24 hours I felt itching underneath the plaster so gently peeled it off to reveal a bit of weeping of the redness. I decided to leave off the plaster and let the area dry out. It is now 30 hours since treatment and I am starting to see scabs appear on the top of my nose. I have to say that I have been in pain today with a burning sensation and tenderness. I have also felt extremely tired and have had to rest during the day. I am hoping this has worked and want to reassure anyone thinking of having it done not to worry too much as I think its worth it.


How are you doing?
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Welcome to the community.  This does sound painful but will be totally worth it if you have the results you expected.  For now just rest and let everything heal properly.  Please keep us up to date with your progress and final results.  

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Just wanted to update you about my treatment... Well, its a month since I had it done and my nose is looking quite good. For the first few days after treatment I found my nose was scabbing up until the whole of the nose was just one big scab... horrible to see and I hid away from everyone for the first ten days. The only relief from the tightness of the skin as it was repairing was to use Vasoline through the day which kept the skin moist and helped not only with the deteioriation of the scabbing but soothed the skin and surrounding areas. Such wonderful stuff Vasoline and would recommend this to anyone in the same situation. I am glad I have had it done and my follow up in the clinic showed a good result but still a little redness to which the Dermatologist has suggested another try with PDT but we will leave it for a few months to see how it goes. Thank you for your support and hope this helps somebody in the future who is thinking of going down this line. Amanda
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