So long story short, I've hated my nose from since...

So long story short, I've hated my nose from since I can remember! I had a typical Italian wog nose, not only was it long and had a hump, it was also crooked from the front.

All I can say to people that want to do this procedure is research, research, research!! And always go with your gut feeling, try to also find people who have gone to that surgeon or have heard good things about them! I am sooo happy I found Dr. Shahidi, he is absolutely amazing :)

So now to recovery.. After the op I actually woke up feeling quite good, not in any pain! But I must say the next few days were the worst, not pain wise but just very very uncomfortable. Your nose gets packed so you can't breathe at all, you can't eat properly coz your lip is numb and you have to sleep sitting up so it's very restless sleeps every night!

The cast was removed after 7days, and I was soo relieved. The next week was good after that, just a tiny bit of bruising and obviously swelling.

After 2 weeks I returned back to work, which was a perfect amount of time of as I could then eat, breathe & smell properly :) It's still very tender, even to this day after 6 weeks, so you just have to be careful to to hit it! But otherwise that it's just a waiting game til the swelling goes down (but honestly I'd even be happy with it as it is I love it!) and it's only going to get better :))


Hi hun! your nose looks good just somewhat swollen still at the tip. I can see what your talking about. My nose is still swollen at the tip as well and I have that bump. Promise the steroid shot isnt that bad. Just somewhat uncomfortable and a lot of pressure but mine was in the bridge and yours will be a little different. I think we are swollen because we had extensive work done. It still trips me out about my before nose. I knew it was bad but i feel like its 5 million times worse now that its off my face lol! But you look beautiful hun! Cant wait until we are at a year and can see our final results. :D
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Thanks hun that makes me feel better! Lol I know me too I can't wait, I look at my old pics and think seriously? I was walking around like that for that long! I think ok it's a bit swollen now, but when you compare.. wowww! hahah xx
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Ok so I'm 3 months post op, and I do love my new...

Ok so I'm 3 months post op, and I do love my new nose but it's actually seeming to get more swollen at the tip then it was before :\ I mean I absolutely loveeeee my side profile, but I don't take front on pics unless I'm staring straight at the camera, because when I turn like 3/4 it looks massive! I don't even want to put a pic up :( my doc said to leave it and if it doesn't go down to do that injection thing ahhhh I still don't regret anything, and when I look at what I had I think omg it's a million times better! Lol Im not embarassed or try to hide it, i just don't like it in pics when I'm facing that way.. I never wanted "perfect" but just an improvement.. So now just gta see what's happening with the swelling, I mean it could be worse! Haha I know its a long process I just hate waiting! Lol

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Oh and forgot to mention I added some new pics :)

Oh and forgot to mention I added some new pics :)


Hi, did you get any inner work done. For deviated septum or turbulate reduction. ? How is your breatheing are you stuffy when you breathe deeply. Do you feel like your recovery from a cold everyday ? Im 5 mo post and feel this way. I dont know how everyone else feels ?? Anyone else can also answer also plz..thank you!!
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Hi there yes I did get septum work done, and I was feeling very congested all the time! The doc said it took longer for me because I had that kind of work done also, I'm 3months post op now and by the time I wake up or by the end of the day it does get stuffy and hard to breathe! But during the day when I blow It and clean it it's usually fine.. Although I do know someone that's 6 months post op that sounds like you, and he's going to go back to get it fixed up, so I guess it's worth a trip to your specialist to check it all out properly :)
Hi Peachii, just wondering was $8000 the total cost (including hospital and anesthetist fees) or was that just the surgeon's fee?
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New pics before & afters!

Ok so 3 and 1/2 months post op.. Still kinda bummed bout the swelling in my tip, but my next appointment to see my surgeon is in July so ill just hold out til then and see if it improves! People keep telling me how natural it is and how much it's changed my face in a good way lol but I think every girl would be the same if they did this, you can't help but over analyse! I've been looking through old pics and thought I'd put a few up =p and some of my front view because a few ppl have been asking! X


OMG, you look awesome, amazing results!!!
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You seriously look so amazing! Your nose fits your face perfectly
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Wow soooooo beautiful! What an amazing transformation. Congratulations!!
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A couple more..


Hey peachii. How's everything going with you post surgery? I have mine sept 4th with dr shahidi. Any tips or things I should ask in my last consult in a few weeks? I trust him so much so happy to mainly leave it in his hands!
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Hey Steph, well I'm just a lil over 4months post op I really can't believe how quick it's gone! Lol look its hard to explain what your gna go through til you go through it! I mean it did help for me to YouTube people's video diaries of their experience, but everyone's is different! You're in good hands with dr shahidi.. Just make sure you're 100% wanting to do this coz your body is gna go through a big shock! I'm sure you'll look beautiful, the way I see it is a lil bit of feeling crap compared to a life of happiness is worth it :) my bf & family were against it and even now my bf tells me he misses the old me blah blah it kinda gets to me but I did this for me and i am happy, it's still a bit swollen but that'll go down in time.. And I know in a few months everyone will forget my old nose and this will just be me now :) if you wna know anything else feel free to ask! X
Yeah exactly after a year or so people will completely forget the old nose! Thanks for your reply I am super nervous about it all and so nervous about the swelling some peoples swelling is so bad their noses look bigger and im terrified of that. Also because I have a bump my nose is quite narrow so im worried with how my face will change having a flatter nose from the front. How did you deal with looking different. Its freaky! I think you look sooo amazing with ur new nose it must be really hard hearing ppl miss the old you because I guess we all will miss our old selves to some degree!!

4 & 1/2 months! Need advice...

So found a kinda clear pic of a 3/4 view from a couple nights ago.. So as you can see there's still a slight bump but what's concerning me the most is the bottom of my nose between my nostrils where he unfortunately had to cut, it's so swollen it's making my nose look so fake especially in pics! (Havent uploaded much it looks so ugly!) I'm kinda scared that's not going to go down :( if anyone has had the same experience and could let me know how they're going would be much appreciated!! I dont want to have to have another op or anything :\ ..Xx


It looks amazing!! Stop stressing, it takes upto a full year for it to settle. I just had a consultation with Dr shahidi the other day. I love his work but was still unsure weather or not i should keep looking for another doctor till i stumbled across this page. Your nose looks amazing!! What did he exactly do to urs, im not sure if i want him to toucnh my nostrils...
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Thank you I can't help but stress it always looks different in photos to real life I just wna know if it's gna settle in that bit where he cut or not :\ dr shahidi is amazing, but go with your gut! I was looking at heaps of websites & gettin heaps of people recommending, but the first doc I went to see was him and I didn't feel the need to see anyone else :) he didnt touch my nostrils, just from the middle all the way up obviously lol he wasn't supposed to cut between my nostrils but I had complications so he had to that why I'm spewing recovery takes so much longer that way :(
When were you thinkin of booking it?



Oh my god. Your blog has inspired me to book in to see Dr.Shahidi...and I live in Melbourne! I have had two consultations with other doctors here in quoted me about 20,000 and the next about 15,000....but I still didnt have a good vibe about neither of them! Dr.Shahidi looks like he has amazing work, and you my dear look SUBLIME! You were very beautiful before your surgery, however its amazing to see the difference the surgery made, you should be so happy with it. Any thing else I should know about Dr.Shahidi? xx lots of love to u xx
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Aww thanks hun he did do a pretty good job lol and I am very happy! But like I tell everyone, everyone's nose is different & everyones experience through this will be different... So if you're willing to come to sydney to do it then I definately recommend my surgeon, but always go with your gut feeling when it comes to this stuff coz it's going to srsly change your life! :) x
Hey I finally got mine done with dr shahidi!! Iv had the cast off a week and I love my new nose!!! Id recommend him to any one!!!! I wasn't even in any pain that first week, I thought id be so sore, the cast was just annoying for a week that was it :) he did all the work threw my nostrils and its all heeled im so amazed at the job his done. Money well spent!!!!
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6 months post op

So I'm 6months post op, and I'm pretty happy with my nose.. It is still slightly swollen and does hurt if I hit it hard, but I do know I'm not fully healed yet and it will take time :) although I did get 3 cortisone shots in it a couple weeks ago to help with the swelling (ouch!!) lol but I'm just going to see how it all goes til the end of the year and if it changes much.. Other then that it's going pretty good can breathe fine and no more clogged feeling or anything, and finally jumped on a motorbike since I did the op! I was abit hesitant obviously but felt so good lol :)


Hey peachii, how is your nose improving? I am so excited I have surgery booked in with dr shahidi early April. I would love to see a recent pic of the progress :)
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Hey there! Yeah it's going good :) almost a year post op now! Still a bit swollen though I think but I still have my days where I absolutely love it and then my days where I still gta get used to it lol but all in all wouldn't take it back such an improvement to what I had! =p so happy with it, good luck with your surgery in April!! =) ill put up a couple pics now
Hey hun hows your swelling? I'm loving my nose but the swelling in my tip seems to have gotten worse and I recall you saying that. I want him to give me steroid shots - did you get any? It looks like a clown nose at the tip and its so frustrating!
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Almost 1year post op!!

So I'm a couple weeks off my 1 year post op..
everything's going good just still a bit swollen to me but I know people usually say it changes up to 2years post op! Lol So happy with it though =) gna have another check up with my surgeon in a few months will update again then.. ill post a couple pics right now of my nose since it's been a while! X


Hey I'm getting my surgery done soon with dr shahidi. I just wanted to ask after you had the surgery were you able to swallow ok ? When I block my nose just to test what it will be like to breath through just my mouth , when I swallow it blocks my ears and everything up and feels like it gets stuck and can't breath properly. So was your nose really blocked from the packing , did you have any trouble swallowing ? I have so Much anxiety just thinking about it x
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Oh my gosh I have anxiety as well. When is your survey booked for?
The 17 of nov , so scareddd :(
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