Snoopy Breast? Augmentation Only? Or Donut Lift? - North Sydney, AU

I had an initial consultation via email. After...

I had an initial consultation via email.
After sending in photos I am worried now I may need a Aereola lift. I scar quite badly and am terrified.
I have lost a bit of weight and I also breasted 2 children.
I'm a small c cup and would like to end up with a full C cup, considering Silicone textured, under the muscle with a bra line insertion.

Do you think I really to need a lift for optimal results?

Two pics are of me and the other is what I think I want to end up with.

Any professional feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hi, I welcome you to research the Mini UBL technique which successfully reshapes and lifts the female breast without implants. With the MUBL, the incisions are made around the areola. No vertical or infra-mammary scar. If you are not happy with your current breast volume, a small implant could be combined with the MUBL. Hope this helps, Dr. H
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Hello, Based on your pictures and your goal pictures, it is likely that you will benefit from some type of breast lift as well as augmentation surgery. You are correct in that the “trade-off” with the breast lift operation are the scars; you will need to weigh this downside with the improvement of the position of the nipple/areola complexes on the breast mounds. You may also wish to submit your photographs to “ask the Doctor” segment of this website. Best wishes. Tom Pousti MD.
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Sorry dang autocorrect!!! Daughter in law.... Lol
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