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34 Years Old - North Palm Beach, FL

Due to a badly performed acupuncture I got a black...

Due to a badly performed acupuncture I got a black eye and later a big crease under one eye. I fixed it with belatero and overall it looked great but had a lump under the eye and was not happy about it. Massage of the lump didn't help. Now want to do it again but very worried about getting the lump again. Who knows what to do if that happens?
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Wow I didn't know acupuncture could do that.  I found this Q&A that you mind find helpful- check out the post by Dr. Ritu Saini (third one down when I looked).  She makes it sound like the lumps probably had more to do with the injection being too superficial. 
Are you considering going to the same injector that did it the first time?
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i have an appointment next Thursday, will see what doctor can offer...
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Let us know what they say!
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