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This is the first review I've ever left. Dr....

This is the first review I've ever left. Dr. Weiland performed Erbium resurfacing on me 6 years ago. Since then, I've been working hard to save money for treatments that could repair/improve the damage and scars. It was obvious after the healing had finished, that I was left with severely damaged skin. I had depressed scars lining my face; long indented lines from the laser along my forehead, cheeks and chin. Also, I had large red dilated capillaries everywhere. My face was very obviously terribly damaged and I was, of course, deeply devastated. I asked him if he could help me repair my skin and he offered 20% discount on services to repair. I was shocked, heartbroken (because I trusted and liked him), and seriously depressed. I had saved up to get this procedure done for my 40th birthday. I haven't been the same since. He didn't offer a refund or offer any help except the 20% discount. I am left with deep scars all over my face. I avoid looking at myself too closely. The sadness and regret is overwhelming at times. The biggest regret of my life.
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I too had Erbium 7 yrs ago and was left with deep scars and dents. Broken blood vessels and red for months. What have you done in the last 6 yrs if anything to improve your skin. I tried 7 fraxels, dual, affirm, perfecta, smoothbeam, fillers & all kinds of facial treatments. I recently had a fat transfer and lift to pull the scars so they didn't look so deep. Anything work for you?? It's been a living nightmare. Haven't slept for years & lost 30 lbs from the stress it caused
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I'm so sorry that happened to you as well. I truly understand the emotional pain it causes. I have had the Active FX treatment done twice now and it has really improved the indented scars and lines! I will need several more for more improvement. I am saving my money for them. Dr Tam in Las Vegas performed them and she is awesome. We were both very surprised and happy with the results. I still have some scarring, but hoping with more treatments they will improve. How did your last procedure go? Any improvement? Do you have hypopigmentation with you scars as well?
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Has anything helped with the redness and broken capillaries? For me that has been surprisingly hard to treat. I want to try the Perfecta, but I can't find a dr in my city that uses it.
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I had Perfecta, Affirm, Smoothbeam & IPL. I think the IPL helped the most with the redness and broken blood vessels.
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I am terribly sorry that you have had such a horrible experience and that you are suffering with this emotionally. Regret is a hard pill to swallow but know that this is not your fault, you can`t possibly predict the outcome, you were only trying to do something good for yourself. Have you seen another doctor for corrective treatment
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Thank you Eva. I have consulted several doctors and have hope that several light to medium Active FX treatments along with IPL for the redness will improve it. It will never be the same and I will have to accept I will always be scarred from this. To be safe, I'm looking at least 3 Active FX treatments. Each treatment will be around $3,000, not counting time off work for healing.
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That's alot of money, sucks. You will find the right solution for you in time. 
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