Anxiously Trying to Find the Right DOCTOR! - New Jersey, NJ

Hey everyone! Sooo, i'm 23 years old and I've...

Hey everyone!

Sooo, i'm 23 years old and I've been wanting a BBL for a couple years now. I've gotten healthy and lost weight but want this done before I loose anymore weight. Now is thee hard part! ... finding the RIGHT doctor!

There are sooo many to choose from and i'm super thankful to all you ladies who post your whole journey with pictures and all! (I plan on doing the same!) But seeing all these great reviews makes my decision a tad bit harder.

I'd love a local doctor as I am in the North Jersey area. Any and ALL feedback will be greatly appreciated!
I plan on setting up consultations next week for Dr. Joseph Alkon and Dr. Sanjay Lalla .. that being said I'm REALLLLLLLLLY Looking forward to hearing from you ladies soon!
Two US surgeons who are reportedly excellent with the BBL are Drs. Mendieta and Salama both in Florida.
I am also from north Jersey. Come with me to DR! Lol seriously though you should definitely look into the drs in DR they are receiving a lot of great reviews! And it is cheaper over there!
Hey im also in north jersey and I have been looking for a doctor as well either in nj and in DR.. I have 2 consultations next week and I am very eager to know the ins and outs of the procedure.. once I do my research in both areas I am looking for someone to take this journey with!!! I wish you both the best!
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