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I'am 28 fair-medium skin tone and have had...

I'am 28 fair-medium skin tone and have had acne from the age of 14 I have the ice picker scares to prove it, which has caused great insecurity and has prompted such comments as "you would be really pretty if your skin wasn't so bad", thanks like I didn't feel bad enough about it, I have had children ask me what are those dots on your face? and one child even said, "I wish you were prettier. well, you know cause you have all those dots and freckles on your face." I dont blame children for not holding back what's on their mind, but it still stings.

So, I have tried every kind of acne treatment they did help with my breakouts but nothing helped with the scares so in a random "how to treat ance scares" search on the web I came across this site that reviewed chemical peels and I thought why not take a stab at burning face off : ) I orderd some 25% TCA off the internet and I knew it would be painful and that it would take time and several applications to get the results.

So as soon as I recieved my shippment I read the instructions and applied my first treatment, I tolerate pain well so the burning wasn't that bad. I knew that I was not going to look very pretty you might even say scary for the first week and I did stay home the entire time I was peeling. I didn't know that the peel was not only going to reduce my scares after the first try but also removed most of my freckles! had I known that I would have put more TCA on my nose : ) but i'am on my second round and I could'nt be happier!. I would rather have the temporary physical pain over the emotional pain anyday.

For those who want to try a chemical peel, do the research first so you know what your getting into and are not suprised by what's going to happen to your skin. I'm in AWE when I read such comments as, "after my chemical peel my face burned, cracked, bisterd and peeled." my thoughts are what did you expect from a CHEMICAL PEEL! Come on people break those words down and you know what your getting into.


Hi heather, 

That sounds like something I would do. ;) That's great that you found something that worked so well and you are happy with it. This is good info, thanks for passing it along. 


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@Britt, Believe it or not for a moisturizer I used Bella B nipple nurture butter for breast feeding on my face because if it's ok to put it on your cracked and bleeding nipple's and safe enough for your baby to nurse, I figure it's safe enough to put on my face. I use a 70 spf fragrance free zinc sunblock. I have also made an all natural organic protective mask that moisturizes, alleviates pain, promotes the heeling process and is a natural antibiotic that I apply twice a day or when the pain comes back. It has been 5 day's since I applied my second round of TCA 25% 4 weeks after my first application so the peel went much deeper and I did blister a little right after I washed the TCA off around my mouth which made me concerned about the heeling time but because of the natural organic protective mask I made, I'am almost completely heeled without any infections or complication's. I created this protective organic mask because I did not want to put a lot of man-made chemicals on my very sensitive newly exposed skin. I apologize for not revealing the ingredients for my mask but because it has more then surpassed my expectations with it's effectiveness I may start selling it but for now I will continue to be my own test subject and I will give updates on my results.
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HI healthier, 

I'm so happy you found something that made you feel so much better about your looks, that is wonderful. Yes, doing research is always so important according to the community. Did you put anything on your face the whole time you were peeling? 

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