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I have a 5year old, dense cover up (orig is 10yrs)...

I have a 5year old, dense cover up (orig is 10yrs) on my hip/stomach. It has been treated with TCA and the Medlite C6 twice two years ago. I didnt follow up with any more treatment becaused i moved back to the USA and honestly was too scared of the pain. I saw mostly fading of the black and dark purple to the point of the original tattoo not being visible. I'm sure I have layers of ink to go, and am so excited for the picosure to do the trick. I'm grateful for everyone's experiences as its kept me hopeful and eager to start treatment. I am a medical esthetician, so I'm hoping logging my journey will give the perspective from both angle's of practioner and patient ;) There are only a couple clinics here in Fl that have the pico, so I have to drive an hour, but I think it will be so worth it!!! I'm curious as to all the blistering with the pico and wondering if some are getting it worst because of oil based lotions post treatment??? Any thoughts???

After two tx's with Medlite C6

Some breaks in the outline

1st tx w/picosure

Just had first tx 1hr ago. It took 30 min, and I didn't need a break! I didn't use anything for pain besides the cool blower. It was Uncomfortable, but NOTHING like the pain with the Medlite C6. Left with a dressing over it and an ice pack still on. :)


Also, my setting was on a 2

Day 3

Healing nice! Zero blistering, just a lot of swelling and bruising. I can already see an overall even amount of fading:)

Day 5 post 1tx

The swelling is finally going down but as you can see, I'm very bruised. It's hard to tell the difference in my purple and the bruising. Also, last night I noticed very, very small blisters throughout. But they're so tiny that it's no biggy. The itch has also just started in...yay.

Another pic

Two weeks

update...overall fading, but more in blue, green and black shading. Some colors have actually changed shades I.e yellow to orange, purple to pink. They still faded, so no complaints. I've also discovered "layers" of ink. A lot of bits where black was is now the purpleish pink ink color. (I kind of remember my artist doing this during the process) also, I've noticed outside my blue (not directly on tattoo) I've had a bit of a rash. I guess my body has decided to become allergic. Oh well, at least it's fading. I have a few scabs on the darker bits of blue/black healing. Other than that all is well :)


Allergic reaction :(

Ok, I've been experiencing a horrific itching sensation ALL over my body!!! No rash, just occasional (come and go) hives and this insane I want to rip my skin off itch!!! I'm definitely having an allergic reaction to the ink on its way out. It's been going on for almost a week now and it's at night time and effecting mostly my torso. I know this can be a sign of liver toxicity so it makes sense but I feel like my skin is crawling. I'm starting on antihistamines tomorrow:( anyone else having this?? I did have a similar itchy phase with my other tx's but it's HORRIBLE with the pico...more ink leaving i guess=more itchy me :( :( :(

1mo post

Quick healed pick of blue

1mo post full

Looks brighter in photo than in person. It's more dull in real life (if that makes any sense).

Appointment scheduled!

Hi all, I'm going in for round two this fri 5/2. Yay! Will post pics pre and post then :)

NĂºmero dos

Just had #2 a few hours ago and the pain was horrible :( I know they adjusted the settings, but it was pretty intense. I had to break a number of times, so it took an hour this time. I've already got a few blisters ( which I've never had immediately) and typical swelling, etc. I opted to pay up front for 5tx's so I get 6th tx free and 20% off any additional after, but let's hope 6 does it because I'm not willing to pay any more!!! A blob it will be. One of the gals showed me her progress and she's had 5tx's and looks about done, just a very faint outline from her black remained. I would be happy with that!


I'm so exhausted that I've slept a few hours and will be crashing again in a few min's for the's only 9:30! I think my body was really in shock. Anyways I just peeled back the dressing for a quick pic.


Look what I woke up to!!! This is inasane!!! It's on my lower stomach!!!!

Spelling oopsie...clumsy thumbs


Drippy drip drip

Hey guys, here's one for a laugh. So my blisters keep popping and refilling with a beautiful golden serum and since I'm wearing loose dresses, every time one drains it looks like pee running down my leg! Fun stuff :) lol

Skin tone!!!

Just starting to peel and look what's underneath!!! Let's hope it stays like this and doesn't go blue again.

Raised itchiness

Hello all, anyone experiencing hive like problems (when they itch) post treatment? I think I've nailed my itchy phase down to a skin disorder called dermatographia. I'll post pics tonight of what happens! Very bizarre and only started to happen since I've gone through laser tattoo removal. My skin literally will swell up in the shape of my scratch! Antihistamines are the only thing that help. Any ideas?

Hive writing

So I lightly scratched "hi" and I've got the swelling and itchy hive where I scratched! My skin is so weird!!!


Starting swell up and itch a few min later

Post 2tx healed and faded

Hi all, I'm still experiencing the dermatographia but I've learned to deal with it. Just wanted to post some pics of post #2 all healed at 4 weeks and a bit. I'm all pastel colors now. Even the thick black lines are blue!


Just booked appt for #3 for August 1st :)
Lakeland Dermatologic Surgeon

I was impressed that the staff showed me the progress of their own Pico treatments; it was nice to see in person. They were very patient and thorough during treatment as well which helped calm my nerves. Only annoying thing is front desk staff want you to call 45min before tx so they can turn on machines. I thought a confirmation call should have let them know that! *update- today I was offered a package which seemed to be pretty set in stone. They wouldn't budge or negotiate with a package price as some clinics do, however their price point isn't ridiculous so I went ahead with it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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I noticed you've been experiencing hives after treatments. I have gone through three tattoo removal sessions and have been experiencing hives on my third session for the last 8 days. It's miserable. How long did your hives last?
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Hi, so sorry for late reply.( I need to change my notifications) Anyways, the hives have actually calmed just about a month ago. I still experience the dermatographia, but not as bad or often as it was. I'm going in for tx 3 next Friday, so I'm sure I'll be itching all over again. How long have you had the hives? Are you taking any antihistamines?
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I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing them! My story sounds similar to yours. I actually broke out in full body hives though for 2 weeks and it has now finally calmed down to dermographia as well for this last week. I was living on benadryl for awhile but now I'm just taking zyrtec once a day to keep things down. Because my reaction was so bad though at first I've been advised to stop treatments.
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Well it's interesting that we are responding this way. Nobody else seems to have had it or even heard of it happening with removal. Are you prone to allergies in general? Are you taking any supplements? I wonder if we have a common link? Btw, I did the same thing with starting with Benadryl at night then switched to Zyrtec daily, and now I'm not taking anything unless I break out. Mine seemed to react worse at night and would be triggered by something like a scratch and then they would go crazy! It's an occasional scratch now that turns into the dermatographia. It makes me think it's the ink type we are allergic to. Let's just be happy that we can get rid of it instead of it permanently staying in our system! Less ink = less itchies in the long run :) I've purposely spaced my treatments 10weeks apart so my overall body gets a rest. I'm not going to stop treatments, just keep eating clean and flushing it all out. I'd be scared to keep the tattoo knowing you're allergic to it! It would be like a slow leak in your body over years! Yikes! Maybe I'm just being dramatic hahaha
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haha yes I've seen a few other stories on here about hives I'll link them in at the bottom of my comment. I was also reading up on the ink and saw that there's just hundreds of different types with different ingredients so it is almost impossible to know exactly what our bodies are reacting to. I'm not one to usually break out in hives and I've never had any allergic reactions to when I got the tattoos in the first place, so I was surprised that this happened! I want to eventually remove this tattoo completely, but it seems not many people are aware of the allergic reactions yet and how to handle it with the treatments. I'm glad your body isn't reacting any worse though after each treatment so that you can keep going!
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Good stuff!! Before you know it your tattoo will be gone ;)
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I know!!! : ) :) :) :) :) :) wahoo!!!
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I got blisters the first time I had Pico, the second time I used direct icepack and had ice on it right before the treatment, cold air blower, then strapped an icepack back to my leg as soon as it was done (before I even left the room) no blisters!
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Yeah, that sounds like what I did for the 1st tx and got no blisters. I barely iced (but did have cold blower) for 2nd and as you can tell I was full of giant blisters!
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Very impressive!
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Thank you very much :) it's coming along! I'm prob going in for #3 the beginning of August.
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I love that you're able to laugh all this off! Good for you. Do you know which spot size was used with the Picosure? :-)
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Hey, yeah I try to always see the positive in it all. I mean, the world has bigger issues than unwanted tattoos to cry over right now. ;) as for my settings, I'm not certain the spot size but i do know that the spot size automatically shrinks down with higher joules used. I need to ask to look at my chart next tx so I can post it for you all.
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Keeping your chin up is so difficult when going through removal but you're doing just great! I wish I could be as positive as you. Would be keen to hear more about the spot sizes. :-)
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. The updates and pics are super-helpful!
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You're welcome! I'm glad i can be a help:) I know seeing everyone's experience and everyone's messages have encouraged me:)
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That is crazy bizarre, I have never seen that before...did you follow up with your doctor? I would also recommend you Ask a Doctor on our site, be sure to include this photo!
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Yeah, I do really need to contact the dr. I told them about the itching last time and the nurse said it was prob my body producing a lot of histamine. Good idea about contacting one of these dr's! I will for sure because this can't be normal.
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No dr' shave responded to my question. Maybe they are puzzled??
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Wow, that's so weird...does that happen anywhere on your body or just in the general vicinity of yr tatt??
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It's mostly anywhere on my torso but I'm getting it all over my body. It seems to be the worst at night, so that's when the Benadryl comes out!
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Fading looks awesome!! So excited for you!
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Thanks so much! I'm super excited:)
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That is funny! Glad you have a sense of humor about it!
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Ouch! I've been there, though mine is on my ankle and easier to bandage and keep clothing off of. Try to keep the bandage moist so it doesn' t stick to the tattoo. I coated mine with Aquaphor. I tried to not pop the blisters, but some were popped inadvertently when I grazed it going down stairs. It hurt, and that area scabbed over for a long time. Try to let them heal on their own. Good luck!
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