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You Tell Me: I Am Going to Post Pictures As I Go with As Much Detail As Possible - North Carolina

I have had one peel at my dermatologist office for...

I have had one peel at my dermatologist office for $90 three weeks ago. Decided I can do this! Paid total of $28 plus shipping for 25% TCA and Neutralizer (separate sellers) on Amazon. Applied the first peel today and can tell you, it was a kicker compared to what the dermatologist gave me. The dermatologist said their peel was 30%...I question that given the difference with this 25%. Maybe it is just because this is my second peel. Will share the results as I go!

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since yours was so much meaner than the one at the derm's, ikt could be bc it has a LOT to do with the pH level.
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Thanks for posting several photos for us! How are things looking & feeling? Can you see changes?

I'm too freaked out to do peels at home. Were you scared something might go wrong, or did you feel pretty confident?

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It is VERY easy to do a peel at home. The main thing is to read up about it and take your time. Also start with a low concentration and apply layers of the solution instead of using a very high powered solution the first time. I di one at home about a week ago using a 12.5 percent solution and layered over it maybe 3 times. I am soooooo pleased with the results. I will be doing another one in a few weeks, but overall I would say the difficulty level is very low. Just do some research first. :)
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Lower percentage is not scary as higher percentage peels. If you have a feeling of burning in your skin, just wash it of with water. Diluting TCA solutions will lessen the effect.
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i tryed a vary watered down 1 on hands its peeling but it way to slow been about a week still trying to peel thinking of doing it again what you think
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