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I am fifty years old, 5'2" and 125 lbs but have...

I am fifty years old, 5'2" and 125 lbs but have always had stubborn belly fat. I decided to try Liposonix. The procedure was 2500 for front and back. I did research on it and all the reviews were great. It was very painful and at times I could barely stand it even with the pain medication. After the procedure I had slight bruising and tenderness which was to be expected. At 8 or 9 weeks I thought it went down slightly. Now at 18 weeks I think I actually have more belly fat than before and it is more jiggly. I think that maybe the fat from the dead cells was absorbed into the body and redeposited in the remaining belly fat cells instead of exiting the body as claimed. I am very disappointed with the results.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I'm sorry you haven't gotten the results you were looking for. Have you had a follow-up with your doctor, to discuss your results and expectations?

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