Deflated Left Breast - North Carolina, NC

I had a breast revision done in late November 2012...

I had a breast revision done in late November 2012. The pictures attached show progress at 5 weeks post op from the November 2012 revision. The 2nd image show progress 5 weeks post op after an additional skin trim was done on the left breast in late January 2013. Given the lack of change, the surgeon wants to do an additional skin trim in the fall of this year.

My surgeon is out of state. I went to him because I was confident in his ability to get it right the first time. I would like to say I have a finite amount of funds for elective surgery but that is not the case. Is it possible for an additional skin trim to alleviate the deflated appearance or will additional surgery be required? It looks to me like a portion of the implant bubbles under my armpit. I could not get a good picture of that. I was not two different sizes pre-implant.

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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. This must be a bit frustrating for you...especially the thought of traveling again with no guarantee. Is your doctor going to charge you for another round of skin trim? I'm wondering if it's worth a 2nd opinion? You might find additional feedback by posting your question and photo in the Doctor Q&A. Keep us posted!

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That is where I wanted to post it but I did not see an option for posting images on the Q & A. I'm sure I just missed something. Hopefully, a doctor will see it & help me with his/her opinion.
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I was'nt able to see your pic
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