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I have had 6 treatment with Sona Med Spa. I was...

I have had 6 treatment with Sona Med Spa. I was told I was a great candidate. I have seen absolute no results at all. I spent over $4000.00 for this (my bad) and have nothing to show for it. I am thin but just have some cellulite and loose skin (from age I guess - 45 years old). I was told i'm not seeing the results because I don't drink enough water. I spoke to a co-worker who is a Nurse Practitioner and also used to work for a plastic surgeon. According to her, my drinking water should not be the end all be all in whether or not I see results. I just find it really hard to believe that water is the "key" to seeing a result with this treatment. For as much money as it cost and the time and discomfort (burns sometimes) - I would think I should have seen "something". Bottom line.....didn't work for me on any level. I will say that I love the girls who did the treatments. Definitely liked the staff that I dealt with, just not happy with seeing not even a slight change.
I feel your pain and disappointment. I lost $3000.00 and time at Sona and got absolutely no tightening or reduction of uneven skin. I was told that the machine was made for me. Ha!
Sad. I had become friends with the girl who was doing my treatments. She has since left that company (Sona Medspa) and told me that all the employees there know that it doesn't work. She said she has only seen results when it is done on the face. How pathetic that they tell their employees basically to flat out lie to potential customers. It was clear from the things that she told me that the management there doesn't care if it works, they want your money and they will do whatever is necessary to make that sale. I will NEVER go to a Sona MedSpa again for any service. They recently offered me via email (because i'm a "special customer" FREE Botox. I currently get Botox on a regular basis. No way would I even go there for free Botox. I was afraid I would leave with terrible results. Free or not, I will never go to one again.
They offered me other treatments, but I do not know if they planned on giving me $3000.00 worth. I would not let them stick me with anything! I was told by a gal, who had worked there a short time, that they did decent work on hair removal. Even though I would like to get rid of the exposed hair around my bikini area, I do not want to go back. The one in Memphis,TN had mostly nice employees, but the company is selling crap.
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