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My Invisalign Experience - North Augusta, SC

I went to the dentist on the 21st to pay, fill out...

I went to the dentist on the 21st to pay, fill out paperwork, to take pictures of my teeth with that machine they used, to take pictures, and xray. My dentist said it would take about three to six weeks for my first set of trays to arrive. Also the reason I decided to go with this is I just turn 15 on the 25th and I'll be a sophomore in high school.


He is the only provider around me. Also my friends have have done it and I saw a commercial on TV.

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Im excited because I've been wanting to get my teeth straight for a long time now. But I'm also nervous at the same time because it's a big thing to me.
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Yeah, that is totally understandable. You have probably read in some of the other reviews that the first week or two can be a pretty rough adjustment phase, so if it seems awful just keep that in mind & do your best to push through. Hopefully you have also noticed that most people say after you adjust to them its not a big deal at all. Good changes coming for you - excited to hear when you start!! :)

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That is exciting that you are about to start treatment!! How are you feeling about it? Are you more excited or nervous?

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