Non-Surgical Nose Job

I had a non-surgical nose job with Radiesse. My...

I had a non-surgical nose job with Radiesse. My nose had a hump and wanted my nose to have a straighter profile.

A Radiesse injection worked great for me. The pain was short-lasting and totally worth it. I now have a straighter looking nose profile without the surgery pain and time.

I would recommend you go to a cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in nose jobs. They have more knowledge of the structure of the nose than say a dermatologist. The end result really depends on who you let do the procedure.

who is your doctor??
I have been scouring these testimonies for someone who had used Radiesse and was starting to feel like I'm the only one who wants to do this. I want an injection at the tip of my nose to elongate it and turn it up. knowing that there is someone else out there who used it on the nose and not for wrinkles makes me feel so much more confident about my decision when before I felt sort of embarrassed, like I am being ridiculous or something! How did it turn out, I must know!
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