No Tummy Tuck? Missing Scars and Had Laproscopic Incision Instead

I just had an umbilical hernia repair by the same...

I just had an umbilical hernia repair by the same plastic surgeon who repaired the last one with a tummy tuck and mesh patch. At preop, his nurse told me that surgery would be a large incision (hip to hip), mesh replacement and a tummy tuck. I came out of surgery with a laparoscopy incision and no tummy tuck.

I'm at home recovering after three days and I'm depressed and disappointed because I went to the same doctor expecting the same treatment. His OR anethesiolgy nurse said the doctor never mentioned a tummy tuck and he didn't think I needed a tummy tuck. I never mentioned a laparoscopy nor did he.

This OR nurse said she did hear Dr's secretary mention the hip to hip incision when she got her on the phone to explain the surgery but she never said the words tummy tuck.

Doctor says he never said he would do a tummy tuck (which is true) but he never discussed the surgery either. He left that up to his nurse who was also trying to fiqure out why I didn't have the incision she had mentioned, nor the tubes for the leakage removal. At preop,he had asked me if his nurse had explained the surgery and if I had any questions. Since he had done the previous surgery, I had no questions. I feel cheated. What can I do?


It looks like there was a lot of miscommunication. I am assuming that the surgery was just the umbilical hernia repair. I don't think you got cheated because you only paid $750 and a tummy tuck costs thousands of dollars. Did you tell him you wanted a tummy tuck? Regardless, he should of discussed the surgery with you. I think that's the problem, he didn't discuss it and there was alot of miscommunication. It sounds like maybe the OR nurse was hearing a converstation that the Dr's secretary was having regarding a different patient, and she thought it was you she was talking about possibly. Anyway, it was all miscommunication which is unacceptable in a medical situation. However, when it comes down to it, there was no harm done, just disappointment. I wouldn't go back to this doctor again. Miscommunication in a medical setting can cause some serious problems in my opinion.
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$750 was just the deductible. His fees were just a few thousand dollars, like his facility fee of $44,000. It was not cheap. Plus, I got an infection because he did not insert drains. I had to go to the emergency hospital because I was gushing out.
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makes his own decisions not the patient's

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