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No Smile with Botox Brow Lift

I had a brow lift and botox was used on my...

I had a brow lift and botox was used on my forehead now my smile is dead. I can not move my upper lip normally.

I had a beautiful smile before the lift now my upper lip does not move when I smile. I can pucker and move it find only when i smile it does not react.

The lift was done 2 weeks ago. My doctor is researching the cause but I do not feel comfortable with this situation.

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I do not want for someone to have the same no smile as I do.

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PLEASE REPORT YOUR ADVERSE EVENT WITH BOTOX (AND ANY SIDE EFFECTS YOU ARE EXPERIENCING) TO THE FDA. The link for online reporting to the FDA is: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/medwatch-online.htm You can remain anonymous. It is only through vigilant reporting that the true results of Botox will ever be documented, assessed and reported accurately. An 'adverse event' includes a bad cosmetic outcome, even if it is due to poor injecting technique. Most people do not bother to report bad cosmetic outcomes and this allows doctors to contine to claim how safe and effective Botox is unchallenged. Even if the product itself is 'safe', maybe there should be more restrictions on who is allowed to inject it. I think there should. Waiting for months and months for a bad cosmetic effect from Botox to wear off is definitely an adverse event that affects your life and should be reported.
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It is not a nervous disorder! Have a look at a picture of facial muscles. The 'levator labii superioris alaeque nasi' is right next to where you get injected with botox for bunny lines. Guess what this muscle does? I elevates the upper lip!! If the botox was not injected correctly in the bunny lines area or migrated from the injection site then it could absolutely affect your ability to raise your upper lip properly including your ability to smile. Hope your smiles come back soon!
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hi i have the same eaction I used to have a very nice smile ,, i whent to my family doctor he told i will be good after 4-6 month Im not happy at all I wish if some boday could give me the right answer
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Hi Sam - any improvement in your smile yet? And any improvement in your eye muscle weakness? I had botox 8 1/2 weeks ago. I also have actual eye muscle weakness. Further, I have noticed in the last four weeks that (aside from being smaller and sunken in my head) that my left eye is actually a bit crossed. I am pretty anxious about that. As to how long does botox last. Apparently it is different for everyone but the nerve-muscle connection is generally re-established after about 3-4 months, which means the paralysis has gone. However the visible effect of the botox can take a few more months after that to completely go away because it takes some time for the muscle to get its strenght back. Does this make sense? Cheers
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I have had the same reaction to botox, my upper lip stopped functioning like it should, i looked awful when I tried to smile. The upper lip looked like the joker on batman, and my niece told me I looked like the Grinch. UGH.. I had my botox in the crows feet area, my forehead and also in the scunching part of my upper nose,which they call the bunny lines. I had that done the first of June and I am now seeing my teeth again , but its not completely back. So it could very easily be from the botox not a nervous disorder.
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It's not a nervous disorder. You are right - it's leakage from the bunny lines shots.
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I find it suspect that you are having difficulty moving your lips following a Botox treatment which is nowhere near your lips. Perhaps its a nervous disorder? Let us know what your doctor advises - perhaps have a 2nd opinion since this would alarm me.
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