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I am Asian and have small pitted acne scars that I...

I am Asian and have small pitted acne scars that I wanted to improve using Fraxel. The cost was not too bad ($300 for cheeks) so I decided to give it a shot.

The experience itself is similar to getting small injections into your skin (or a slow "tattooing"...with not as many punctures obviously). The numbing cream is useful and the pain was fine.

The following 24 hours were pretty bad - my face was quite swollen and turned a bright red. To add to the color there was the standard Fraxel bumps all over your skin, meaning that even with concealer you can still see that your skin is undergoing major work. I took the next day off seeing as it was not possible to be seen in public. After a few days your skin flakes off a bit, but the redness stays for a while. The bumps remained on my skin for 3.5 weeks and still looks blotchy to this very day. I experienced a lot of breakouts following the procedure as well. I know it takes a few rounds of Fraxel to see results but I do not see anything at all and regret doing it.

Brazilia skincare in La Jolla, CA (in the UTC mall)

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please let me know who your dr is thanks
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I had my third fraxil treatment around Jan 31, 2007 (over a year ago) and it helped a little with the texture of my skin and the acne scars...but now my skin is VERY blotchy..especially around my under-eye area. People ask me all the time if I just got back from skiing as it looks like i had goggles on. I've done a great job at staying out of the sun and wear 70 spf everyday as well as a hat if I'm going to be in the sun for longer than 10 min., but if I even walk through the sun, it makes my skin even blotchier. This is not good for me as I love the sun. I tried Cosmelan, a depigmentation treatment, but it didnt do much. The office I did it through in Westwood, CA (Dr. Rivkin at Westside Medical Spa) said that I was the only caucasian that they'd seen this happen to. They have been reluctant at helping me out as they said it was at my own risk.....UHHghhh!!! It had happened to 2 asians after me, but that's it. Has this happened to anyone else?!?!? I am so frustrated as for one, I spent a lot of money (aproxx. $850 per treatment) and two, I've traded one problem for another. Would love to hear anyone's feedback and if anyone has any knowledge on how to fix this...thanks for listening..
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