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I decided to get Vaser Lipo because even though I...

I decided to get Vaser Lipo because even though I work out regularly, I could never get rid of the extra fat on my stomach and outer thighs. After researching different liposuction methods, I heard about Vaser Lipo and found out that it is much gentler than regular liposuction and also more effective. So I found a great doctor, Dr Joseph Perlman, in Houston.

I had my stomach, love handles and outer thighs contoured. The procedure was done at an outpatient surgery center using general anesthesia. Afterwards I felt surprisingly good! When I went home that day I watched movies and did laundry. I had taken the 2nd day after the procedure off from work but felt good enough to go shopping. When I went back to the doctor for a check up and looked in the mirror, I could already see a huge difference in my appearance and I barely had any bruises—just a little light bruising in a couple of places.

I had a friend who had liposuction a few months before I did, her doctor did regular liposuction, she was extremely bruised and in pain for days. So I was thrilled about how great I looked and felt so quickly after the procedure! It’s been four years now since I had Vaser Lipo and I love my results, my stomach is flatter than it’s ever been. This procedure has changed the way I feel about my appearance and has given me a lot of confidence!

Why you don't recommend Dr. Perlman if you are very pleased with the results?
I had Vaser Liposelection on my outer thighs 13 days ago. I could see an immediate difference. Now a few days later, i'm not sure the difference is as noticable as originally thought. I had quite a bit of bruising and swelling. While some swelling has subsided, I still have a few lumpy areas i am concerned about. I am hoping those will go away in the coming weeks.
Hey, I was so glad to hear about your lipo surgery went so well. I have been thinking about having vaser lipo too. Are you still pleased with your results and your Dr.? Did you have smart lipo or vaser lipo? Were you put to sleep? I think they just give you a local with Smart lipo - but I want to be put to sleep!! Please write back and give me an update on your progress! Thanks!
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