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I'm 39 with brown spots and sun damage. I'm 1-day...

I'm 39 with brown spots and sun damage. I'm 1-day post Jessener peel and concerned. The actual procedure wasn't bad, but now my face is extremely swollen and red. I have blisters and weeping, wrinkled, tight skin with a strong itching sensation.

Is this normal and should I apply something on my face? This wasn't what they explained would happen, told me to resume my normal facial routine, (obviously, not an option)!

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Although concerned, still felt $$ was reasonable.

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Sunee..following up on my "peel status". 2 days after the procedure my face had tripled in size,eyes swollen near shut,was almost unrecognizable! Was told to come back. Dr. was panicked at my appearance and said I had an some sort of allergic reaction,(abnormal)! Immediately given shot in hip, IV's,ice packs,etc. was on prescription meds. for a week. I missed work,afraid for anyone to see me! It was scary! My advice/question...why don't Dr,'s do a small allergy test prior to this procedure? Ask, the alternative could be a big deal!!!!
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Finally, shame on the doctor who did the procedure and did not show you pictures of what to expect as well as how to care for your skin afterward. Crisco ONLY, no water, no soap, no makeup until redness and swelling subside. It also got rid of the bags under my eyes at the same time. No need for cosmetic surgery.
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Hello Icee,

Wow can I just start by saying Crisco lard, really?! You have so many great comments would you mind writing a review? I haven't heard anyone else's doctor ask them to do anything like that and I think your experience would SO help others. Thanks so much for being part of the chemical peel community.

Crisco, really..... ;)

All the best,


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my dermatologist had me put pure Crisco lard on my face day and night. I was not to wash my face with anything. Just 4 times a day apply Crisco to my chemical peeled skin. took a full 5-6 weeks for most of the horrid redness to go away, then the skin tightened and no more freckles (they also never came back). But you must REPEAT MUST stay out of the sun. Wear a hat with a big brim, put 50 spf sunscreen on your face. I had my peel done professionally in 1989 and the results are still fantastic. Worth the pain.
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