No More Wrinkles and Stretch Marks! (Tummy Tuck)

I go to gym and dance regularly for the past five...

I go to gym and dance regularly for the past five to six years. For the last year I even have a personal trainer 3 times a week along with a much healthier diet. I lost 10lb and look well toned in cloths. However nothing I do can get rid of the wrinkles and stretch marks on my lower belly due to 2 child births. In fact it looks more obvious after I lost the weight because I do not have as much fat to smooth the skin out. I am a part-time belly dancer and I always feel self concious about my wrinkled skin and stretch marks on my belly when I dance.

Last friday with the blessing of my loving husband and my two adult daughters I underwent the tummy tuck procedure.

I am 1 week post op now and I feel good so far. I still have both drainage tubes attached and honestly that is the most annoying thing as part of the recovery precess and I can't wait to get them off. Eventhough I am nowhere close to seeing the final result yet, it looks quite promising. I now have a very smooth belly and my surgeon did a great job to re-attach a cute neat looking belly button. That was my biggest concern cause I have seen photos of patients that have had bad results including one who now has a new belly button in the size of a half-dollar.

I still have major back pain since I cannot walk up straight yet but I feel myself getting stronger everyday.

To the viewers that are still deciding about this procedure my advise is to be mentally prepared for the post-op recovery. I was blessed with the loving care from my family and friends which is very important. Just keep in mind the first 48 hours is the hardest. After that you will feel much better day by day. Good luck!

Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

Board certified lady doctor who has over 20 years of costemic surgery experience. It appears to me that she is a meticulous perfectionist which is a good thing when it comes down to costemtic procedures.

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Does anyone have any exercise to work around the elbow area. I seem to be getting bigger in that area after lipo
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Does anyone have a problem of after lipo you are now growing in another area. I try to eat fine and walk alot, but I had lipo on my legs, belly and back and now my arms seem to be growing with fatty areas. Is this normal. I have had no weight gain at all, just bigger arms. Please talk to me
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I am wearing spanx from Lane Bryant. They roll under my breasts. Very uncomfortable but when I take them off I feel like I am going to fall out of them.I am 4wks post op tomorrow and don't feel any better. Any suggestions at all will be appreciated.
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Just continue wearing your support garment, perhaps fold it below your breasts area so it doesn't rub you. I know it can get uncomfortable, but it seems like without it your guts will just fall out. I'm still wearing support garment especially after eating. (don't you just hate the feeling of balloon blowing up inside?) I had Lipo suction on my thighs, hip/back and breasts augmentation/lift on a first day and full tummy tuck the next day, a total of 8 hours under the L/A. Which required me to stay in the hospital for 4 days. I am now on my 8th week post op! I must tell you as long as you don't see any infections, just persevere the pain will eventually go away and you will see the new you. With the love and support of the people around you, you will recover in no time. For those of you who have been comtemplating of undergoing such procedures, my advice is to do some research on it and carefully decide who will be your surgeon and discuss the style of incision, that is the biggest thing I have to contend with! But other than that, Go For It! It is all worth the pain!
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The procedure is long, and very hard for everyone, but OK results. you are right, if your family is with you at all times is great, it makes it so much easier. I eat very little now, and I wear a body shaper everyday, it keeps me in shape at all times you can get the spanmx at target, make sure you wear it everyday.
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I am on the fence about the procedure. This note, however, was very helpful.
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