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Planning on Having a Full TT and Breast Lift - New Jersey

I've been dreaming about having a tummy tuck...

I've been dreaming about having a tummy tuck for 5 years now. I've finally decided to start the process.

Tomorrow (2/18/2011) I'm having my first consultation and I'm both nervous and excited!

I've lost over 120 pounds, and although I still need to lose another 20, I have a lot of loose skin that is very uncomfortable and bothersome. It makes even running a pain because my skin just flops around!

My breast are very loose too, and they are prone to rashes. I'm not sure why, but I was told by a doctor that it's because of the loose skin.

I'm planning on having the procedure done at around christmas of this year. I know I'm starting the process early but I want to be prepared!

Wish me luck guys, I'm mostly afraid that doctors will tell me i'm not a good candidate for these procedures because I'm still 20 pounds overweight.

I had my consultation and it went very well! Now I...

I had my consultation and it went very well! Now I just have to try to get the money in order. I don't have much credit history, so finding a lender might be difficult. I can save about 4000 towards the surgery, so I'd need a loan for 8000.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I can easily the make monthly payments, but since I don't have much credit history I can't find a lender, I also don't have anyone that would co-pay.

Alright, as of now, I've decided to just have...

Alright, as of now, I've decided to just have the tummy tuck done, due to the cost. I'll still try to get enough money for both procedures, however since I'm young, in school, and without much credit history, getting a large loan will be difficult.

I'm still very excited, and I'll keep you guys all updated! I will be setting up the date in september or october, so I still have a lot of time to figure this all out.

Did anyone else with fair credit, but little credit history get a loan? If so, let me know!

Dr. Feldman-Rayfield

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How was rayfield ? I have a consult with him. How much was it for just Tt?
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Hey!! I was searching through the reviews and I saw you were from NJ... so, of course I clicked and it turns out you have the same doctor as me!! Are you going with Feldman or Rayfield? I went with Dr. Rayfield... but, I am not scheduled until May. I also wanted to tell you that I have the worlds worst credit... lots of irresponsible spending when I was younger... I did have to get a co-sign for Care Credit.... but, it took me a really long time to do it.... I did not get approved on my own... and, I applied every 6 months just to make sure! I wish you the best of luck on getting that credit! In the meantime... it looks like you have a pretty long time before your op date... start a coin jar.. or a keep the change account... sounds silly but little contributions add up!!
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Hi Heather, check out carecredit.com - it is like a credit card that is a revolving credit line for medical/cosmetic procedures. Good luck on your journey!
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You will be fine. I thinks it's great that you are gathering all the info now so you will be totally prepared for your surgery come Christmas time. I think it's better to be "over prepared" than not prepared enough.

Keep us posted on your journey!
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Hi Heather, my doctor wanted me to be within 15 to 20 pounds of my ideal weight so you should be good. You will feel amazing when you get rid of all the extra skin. That really motivated me to finish my journey.

I look forward to following you through yours:).
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