Tummy Tuck July 1st - Trenton, NJ

My story is like everyone elses. One nearly 8...

My story is like everyone elses. One nearly 8 pound boy followed by another nearly 10 pound boy. If I'm being honest, my belly was always a bit big. It just became super noticeable after the birth of my boys.

I had a big umbilical hernia so I decided to have a general and plastic surgeon work on my tummy. Unfortunately, I did not take a before pic. I don't really want to remember what I looked like honestly. It was so depressing to get dressed, or shop. Hoping I could just get through the day without people assuming I'm expecting.

It is now day 5 and I am doing really well. The first day was horrible for me (as far as pain). I kept having to beg for more medication until my general surgeon changed my schedule. My mom helped me with my 5-year-old and 2-year-old sons. My hubby helped take take of me. I am home alone today with the boys. Hubby went back to work (part--time summer work)and my mom just left back for NYC. I am having my 5-year-old help with my toddler. I think he is excited to help mom for a change. He helps me with diaper changes (we are not potty-trained yet...this is our summer plan though) and prepare for lunch (hubby will help them with breakfast).

I will try to post my 5 day post op. SO excited that Dr. D managed to get me an inny!! I really give God all the glory for this surgery because Dr. L said I would have not have a totally flat belly (b/c of the stretching my muscles had gone through) and I would not have an inny (b/c of the size of my hernia.) I know this is far better than what I started out with!

So greateful to all you ladies for posting your stories! It helped me have the courage to go through with this!

Oh thanks so much Kimmers25! I am really enjoying my new belly. I must say though, I really have to pace myself when eating. I can eat only about 1/4 of what I used to eat or else I'm a mess laying on the couch feeling sick!

I am resting and forcing myself to take it easy. I feel great but don't want to over do it.

My surgeon says I can start with Mederma next week. Do you have any other scar therapy suggestions that I can inquire about? He used skin glue, no tape or anything. Also, I may have to have stiches taken out of my new inny belly button. Freaks me out a bit. As a former outty girl, I just don't know what is going on in there and don't want to have Drs poking around in there. :( Will it hurt? :(

Yes the eating is different for a while.  I was only able to eat about a 1/2 cup of food at a time.  The trick is to eat frequent small meals so you don't make yourself miserable.  I experienced all the same things.  It will ease up between 2-4 weeks.  I looked at it as a blessing...me only eating a half cup portion in a sitting..LOL   Almost a miracle for me.  Also try to stay away from anything fried, high in sodium or heavy. 

Please do take it easy because you are in the most critical healing period.  The first six weeks are important and you want to go slow.  I know it is frustrating but time will quickly pass.

My favorite scar therapy was Bio Oil and Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil.  I massaged my scars 2-3 times a day for months.  Massage in a firm circular motion and the scars will fade and flatten in no time at all.  Mine looks amazing and is totally flat.  I still to this day use the Palmer's Oil every day after my shower.  My skin feels amazing from it.

My doctor also used internal sutures and surgical glue which I really liked.  I did have a few stitches in my belly button as well.  When he removed them it did not hurt at all.  You are so numb in that area and all you really feel is a funny little sensation but no pain.  My belly button also had a large black scab in it for a while.  He told me to leave it alone and it would fall off.  And it did in week five post op.  I love my new little belly button.  My scar was also inside pretty deep so you don't see it at all. 

Check in with me and let me know how you are doing each week.



Wow you look wonderful.  You have such a tiny little mid section:)

Big babies...Ouch!  Well you certainly deserve this new tummy so rest and heal.  You look great and I look forward to hearing more from you as you go through your process. 

Dr. Delecroce (general sergeon) and Dr. Lalla (plastic surgeon)

Both doctors have 20+ years experience. They have worked together in the past on TTs and have a great working relationship. They seem to differ in their approach to pain management. I can explain if you send me a private message. Overall a great experience! The fee of $6,100 covered the plastic portion (Dr. Lalla's fee, hospital fee and anesthesiologist fee)

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