Tattoo Removal but Left Me with Hypertrophic Scarring

I had a tattoo on my arm removed. I grew out of it...

I had a tattoo on my arm removed. I grew out of it. I had 2 laser treatments to burn the skin deep enough so the remaining ink could be picked out. The tat is gone but now i have a big hypertrophic scar where the tat was. Now instead of tattoo removal I have to get scar removal and buy silicone gel sheets which are costly.

I am very unhappy and depressed that i wish i left well enough alone. Please do your research and don't base your judgement by prices.

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I had he same problem. HUGE scar. I went to a PS almost two weeks ago and had half removed. I get my stitches out on wednesday and the other half removed in a month. I still have scarring but the hypertrofic scar is almost gone. It looks so much better this way.
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what kind of laser did they use?
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i went thru the same thing. i had a sleeve i was removing and ended up with scars and keloids, stopped going had about 9 sessions, just ended up getting a cover up over it. it's depressing true, but it is what it is, we can only move on from it. hopefully in the future. there will be a REAL solution to tattoo removal.
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Hi! I am going through a similar situation with my tattoo removal (severe scarring) and was thinking about getting a cover up tattoo. I heard that getting a cover up tattoo over scars is difficult though. How did your cover up tattoo go? Did you need several sessions to get the ink to hold to the scarring?
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