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Great Experience - New Jersey

Had upper & lower abdomen as well as love...

Had upper & lower abdomen as well as love handles. This procedure is well worth it. Since no need to be for anethesia, Doctor can stand you up several times during procedure and you and Doctor can see what sections need to be touched up. In essence there is no guessing on behalf of Doctor. You are actually wide awake and get the opportunity to see the fat removed!

Mitcell Chasin

I think I covered that in the above. Dr. C runs a first class operation. I truly feel that Dr C takes alot of pride in his work and he does rush and takes that extra time to get the results that a person is looking for.

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My doctor did not have me sit up or stand up. I kind of wish he had.
Only time will tell. I'm only at 4 weeks.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story! How long ago was your Slim Lipo procedure?

I don't think I could stomach (no pun intended) being awake though. Do you have the option to be "knocked out" and not awake for the treatment?

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