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I had previously tried tying off my keloid with a...

I had previously tried tying off my keloid with a string and it was so painful that I had to stop after a couple of hours. My keloid got bigger after i took it off. After about a month of living with my larger keloid -_- I went to the doctor (this is when I discovered I no longer had health insurance). So another month passed and this keloid had to go!! So I watched a youtube video and a girl rubber band her keloid off. Great, I began my rubber band regimen.

I started on a Sunday, by Tuesday it was ready to go. It hurt for the first day, was uncomfortable the second day, but after that I did not really real anything anymore. By Tuesday the keloid was extremely cold, it was black, it shrunk and it was shriveled. I was so happy afterwards. I cleaned it afterwards with peroxide, kept my hair out of it and never touched it with my dirty hands. I think this was a great solution. I suggest trying it if you can tolerate a little bit of pain.

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I'm on my 2nd day the first day it was painful & it got very little & turned a clear color .. Today It is like a puprlish black .. The skin is staring to peal & bleed .. I've be applying rubbing alcohol & infection prevent ointment .. The rubber band came off on its own .. Should I just let my ear rest or retie ? I'm confused
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I feel a little afraid ... Instead of my keloid drying and shriveling like most, it is dark, still hurts, bleeds and feels very raw at the base.. I know the rubberband is cutting through it.., but I'm afraid to tighten it or put another one on because I don't want it to get infected ....did this happen to you as well??
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That's what mine is doing...did it eventually Turn black and shrivel and fall off? I'm on day four and mine was a big as a small grape. It's tender and had some puss but that stopped. Part of it is really pale the bottom half Is really dark blood looking but not black. Is this normal?
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I too am trying the rubber band method and it is extremely painful that I had to take the rubber band off...how did you ease your pain?
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Mann im 14 andd im doing the tying the string around my keloid
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Hi wantmypony, 

Did you have a scar after the Keloid came off or did it come off clean? 



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