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Radiesse - Temple Area - New Jersey, NJ

I have been receiving Radiesse injections for the...

I have been receiving Radiesse injections for the past seven years. I have always used the same doctor and the injection sites are always rotated. This has helped maintain an evenly corrected face. Radiesse tends to last longer for me than most people and I'm relatively certain that the repeated corrections have helped to aid and assist in the formation of collagen.

This time around, the temple area was corrected, in addition to the upper cheek bones (near te eye socket). To help add a little dimension to the face and replace some of the tissues lost due to age, a little was added next to each nostril and into my upper lip just under my nostrils.

The result is I have regained dimension in my face. The outline of my face is, again, oval. My brow-line is no longer dominant due to the loss of suppleness in the temple area. It's also placed an emphasis on my eyes and tightened my jaw-line at the same time.

Once again, I am extremely happy. Over the past number of years, I've always focused on cheeks, naso-labiel folds, lips, etc - if I had to start all over again, I'd start with the temple area, then to the malar/upper cheeks, and work my way towards the lower portion of the face.
Seven years, Then Radiesse must have been good for you :) ...weren't you scared because of the horrible reviews here? Ive been postponing my Radiesse or other filler (I've never done anything), because of the reviews. I look really young and would look really good and manlier with Radiesse on the chin. And a little maybe on the frontal plane of the cheekbone. This way I would look more mature but still young. And when you talked about collagen. I've read that with collagen formation, scarring forms. You've been doing it for 7 years and all is ok right?
Hi Gerry! I like the product. All is okay. I haven't suffered any concerns due to a poor injector, nor have I suffered any possible known side effects. I think the biggest concern is the person that's injecting it - and I trust my doctor 100%. The face is a 3D sculpture - sometimes the right place to inject is directly in the area you want to see change, and sometimes it's around the area. Understanding how neighboring areas will appear combined with an understanding of aesthetics is important also. The one thing I will say - having had multiple injections - is that I have experienced situations where I was injected and was immediately pleased. At other times, it would take any time between a few days or even two months for me to be pleased with the results. This has everything to do with how the body responds in addition to how the product settles. I like it in the cheekbone - it accentuates natural contours. That is one area where it may appear overdone until it settles and appears more natural. The chin - I've had it in the "dimple" under the lip that resides above the chin. That creates a nice full appearance. I would highly recommend looking online for photos of people that are around your age with skin that is similar. You'll be able to understand how it appears. For example, someone who is 19 with 6% body-fat and tight skin will respond differently than someone who is 90 with lots of extra skin. Just some food for thought =)
Thanks for writting! So you havent gotten any scarring due to Radiesse right? Since so many people say that beause of the collagen formation. Well, I'm really skinny, but with kind of chubby cheeks Jeje...do you know anyone with an autoimmune disease that has had any filler?
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