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Had Lifestyle Lift this past Tuesday. Was not...

Had Lifestyle Lift this past Tuesday. Was not informed of what might happen to me until I was in the operating room waiting for the Dr. I was going to walk out, but was already given my meds. Felt the needles going in my face-all twenty of them. I am horribly swollen on my left cheek going all the way back to my ear and have black and blues all over my neck. Looks like someone tried to strangle me. I'm praying that the swelling goes down, because if it doesn't, I won't to going back there. I'll find a real plastic surgeon to correct this mess.

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Have them explain the procedure thoroughly and ask lots of questions. They show you a video of all the people with excellent results. Ask if you can talk to those who had problems. That info. more than likely would not be given to you.

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Where in NJ did you go? Who was your doctor?
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I am sorry that you are having problems, there are many of us that have had the same thing happen to us. I do hope that you heal well and not have to suffer through what many of us have, uneven cuts, longer ears, poor results or scars with no results at all. I am not trying to scare you, I know how scared you probably already are. What I am trying to do is to educate other women not to fall for the HYPE and beautiful advertising, infomericals & commercials that this company uses to lure us in. If you do have to go and get the free consultation, follow that up with a board certified plastic surgeon in private practice (not a freelancer for LSL). I wish you a speedy recovery and please let us know how you are doing. Best, Chrystal
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I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience. How long ago was your surgery?

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