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After having success with other cosmetic...

After having success with other cosmetic procedures using the same doctor,I decided to try juvederm under my eyes. I bruised terribly which disappeared after two long weeks, but for some reason it caused terrible swelling under my eyes. It looks like I haven't slept in days and everyone keeps asking me if I am ok...I've tried cold compresses, warm compresses, decongestants: nothing has worked. I had such high hopes for the product and I am miserable. I have a second follow up with my Dr. this week but I'm afraid that nothing I'm stuck with this until the product absorbs into my system.

I would like to know if you still have problems with juvederm under your eyes.

I did it 2 months ago and I'm a bit scared cause every morning I wake up with bags under my eyes. Thanks for your time!!
Juvederm works better on lips and smile lines, not the best for under eyes. Restalyne works better for eyes!
I think that you have that correctly. We sign off when we do these things for better or worse. Perhaps there might be a fix for the problem. I would encourage you to ask the person who administered the injection(s)
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