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I Absolutely Love Radiesse - Jersey City, NJ

Radiesse I think is the perfect filler for someone...

Radiesse I think is the perfect filler for someone who wants to add volume to the cheek area and the temple area. I had Radiesse in those areas 15 months ago (one syringe in cheek area and one syringe in temple area) and it is still going strong!!! The great thing is that my doctor says I will only be needing minor touch ups in those areas from time to time and will probably need only one syringe total at $650 to touch up both areas. Now that is a cosmetic surgery bargain! Radiesse is also great because it actually stimulates your own body to produce collagen in the injected areas. The key is to find an experienced doctor. If Radiesse is not injected or massaged in properly, it can leave ugly lumps and bumps. So definitely do your homework :)

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